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Aadi perukku, Aug 3rd Saturday

Aadi perukku procedure

"Aadiperukku" (ஆடிப்பெருக்கு - பதினெட்டாம் பெருக்கு ) is celebrated in the month of July - August,in the 18th day of Tamil month ஆடி.This year it falls on 3rd July.Normally Tamil month Aadi is considered very sacred in the South.Goddess Mariamman is worshipped in all places.During the Fridays of this month,special poojas are conducted in the temples glorifying Goddess sakthi.Temple festivals are conducted in both Shiva & Vaishnava temples.During 18 th day, idols ( உற்சவ மூர்த்தி )are decorated in a grand manner with flower garlands & taken in a procession to a near by river.sprinkling of holy water from the river is carried out with devotion.(தீர்த்தவாரி).During 1960 in my early child hood days, i have participated in these festival.We used to decorate a small wooden vehicle with 4 wheels covered like a temple tower (சப்பரம்),place a small idol in it , tying with a rope,drew it to the river bank.In the school also teachers & students make a vehicle in a bigger…

Ramalinga Swamigal 5

தடித்தவோர் மகனைத் தந்தை ஈண்டடித்தால் தாயுடன் அணைப்பள்   தாயடித்தால்  பிடித்தொரு தந்தை  அணைப்பன் இங்கெனக்குப்  பேசிய தந்தையுந் தாயும் ,பொடித்திரு மேனி அம்பலத்தாடும் புனித  நீ  யாதலால்  என்னை  அடித்தது போதும்  அணைத்திடல்  வேண்டும் அம்மையப்பா யினியாற்றேன் .                                                                                                     See this beautiful song composed by vallalar.Is it not touching our heart. If a father beats his son(at his smaller age due to some mischief) immediately mother would hug  him & stop beating ,if the mother beats that son,father would stop it. where as  my Lord, You are both  my father & mother,henceforth stop & save me from  this beatings(worldly sufferings).I  am  unable to tolerate any more.                                                                                                                                                    In addition to composing many divinely songs, he has cured many incurable diseases . He was  an expert in siddha medicines ,which were made from herbals.In those days those who knew  the preparation of these herbal medicines,did  n't help needy people.Vallalar has helped many persons from the jaws of death.He was the first person to compile a dictionary of herbs stating which herb would cure which  disease.There were no clinical labs & other advanced facilities available in those  days.Even now medical treatment has become costlier for the common man.Thank you Viewers.Let me share  with you other details in  coming posts,


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