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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots

Puja , worship in temple & home 6.

One of our professors in Tamilnadu was travelling to European countries to give lectures in foreign universities as visiting professor around some fifty years ago during which time internet was  not introduced.He met a French Professor in Paris.As he came to  know that he was from  Tamilnadu,he enquired about  Kanchi Maha Periyavar(Sri.ChandraSekara Saraswathi  Swamigal) & Shankara Mutt.The French professor told that he was very much interested to meet Periyavar & asked our Tamilnadu Professor to fix an appointment to meet Periyavar after his return to Tamilnadu.Seeing his interest,our professor agreed to do so.After his return from the foreign trip, our professor met Maha Periyavar & told him about the French Professor's interest in meeting him & asked for a date.Periyavar told our professor he would give a date later.Two years have passed then.French professor was contacting him & insisted on fixing an appointment to meet Periyavar.This was communicated to Periyavar sincerely by our professor.But Periyavar told that he would give him a date later.Suddenly  one day our professor received  a telegram stating that French professor had arrived at Bombay airport & he would be landing at  Chennai, the next day to meet Priyavar.Our professor rushed to Periyavar & informed about French professor's arrival.Periyavar simply smiled & said O.K.                                                                                                                                                                          The next day Periyavar instructed  his mutt staff  that a "white man"(வெள்ளைக்காரன்) is  coming here to meet me.He can not  sit in the floor  like us.Offer him a chair & to  wait.Bring him to me when i am free.The staff agreed to do so.But after some time our French professor entered into Periyava's room unnoticed by  the staff.He prostrated before Periyava in Sashtanga Namaskara 3 times & looked at  Periyava in tears.Periyava was surprised  to see him because he was wearing a Dhoti  in his waist with open chest.Meanwhile mutt staff informed Periyava that yet the foreigner has not arrived.Now Periyava asked the professor how he came in dhoti & why he performed namaskara to him.Professor replied that he saw people wearing dhoti when meeting him & noticed doing namaskara before him.So he too  followed that.See the French gentle man's following.Now the professor told that he has lost his wife & later his daughter also.His colleagues started to criticise him saying that he is a cruel man & not showing any grief for the loss of his dear ones.He also told that he was in a happy(Anandha) state of mind always & he wants to be ever in Periyava's presence.He wanted to have salvation(avoiding rebirth) in this birth itself.Periyava immediately tore a little piece of  clothe he was wearing & gave it to the professor telling that would give his company always.He also told the professor that he would get the salvation in this birth itself & not to worry any more.The French professor returned as a happy man.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now  the mutt staff enquired  about the "vellaikkarar". Periyava immediately questioned   the  mutt staff , 63 Naayanmaar are how many persons.The mutt  staff  replied  with a smile that in the name itself it is clear that it is 63.Now Periyava asked the mutt staff to go to Lord  Siva  temple & see how many of them.They went to the temple &returned back telling him that is 72 numbers.Then Periyava asked them what are the names of the Naayanmaars after 63.Mutt staff could n't remember the names.Then he asked the staff  to go to  the temple again & note their names.When they returned back Periyava enquired them whether there is a name of "Appaalum Adicharndhar"(அப்பாலும் அடிச்சார்ந்தார் ) in that list. They immediately replied that it was very much in it.Now Periyava told the mutt staff that "the vellaikkarar" is one among  "Appaalum  Adicharndhar"  Naayanmaars.In Tamil "Appaal"(அப்பால்)means  far away .French professor is  from  "far away".He is not from our country or Hindu.He belongs to other religion by birth.Yet he  follows our culture & worship.That is "Adi charndhar"worshipping holy feet of God.This line "அப்பாலும் அடிச்சார்ந்தார் அடியார்க்கும் அடியேன் " was composed  by our "Sundhara Moorthy Naayanaar"at his favourite God temple Thiruvarur in his famous song "Thiruthondar Thogai" in which he praises all other 63 Naayanmaars of  the devotees of Lord Siva.If you happen to recite or hear that song you would be very much happy that how much devotees of Lord Siva are revered.Lord Siva  forgives the mistake or dishonour done to him but never tolerate a dishonouring act done to his devotee,that how much affection is having towards his true devotees.Let me share  with you more messages in coming posts.


  1. Uncle that's an awesome write-up and new info too. I recently knew the story of kanchi mahaperiyava through my favorite writer indira soundararajan books chandrastakam. I am blessed that I studied in periyava school in tanjavur. Keep writting its more interesting

  2. Thank you.I always Worship him daily during my morning prayer & keep his Photo in our Pooja room.I used to collect articles about him in earlier "Majari"issues.I have also read some of his teachings through "Deivathin Kural".We have watched "Rudra Veenai" serial authored by Sri.Indira Soundara Rajan & Podhigai TV has telecasted his speech about life of Sidhas with other 2 scholars regularly.I am also very much interested in the life history Of "Pathinen Keezh Sidhars".Surely I 'll share with all of you details known to me.I also to belong to old Tanjore dt.


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