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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots

Tirukollikkadu Agneeswarar Temple Pongu Saneeswaran.

Our human life is decided by the good or bad deeds we have done in our previous births.God  has given the administrative power to the  nine planets(நவ கிரகங்கள் ).Each planet is assigned a specific duty in monitoring our life.Saturn  was born to Surya & saya devi.He has done  hard penance at Kasi & got the boon of becoming one of the planets.He is assigned the duty of monitoring our life period & our business & job  prospects.He follows the rule of dharma very strictly that  he allows one to lead  a prosperous life & at time to suffer.But all these are temporary only.After some time one's suffering ends & again blessed with  normal life.It is human nature to blame Saturn for  all of  our suffering.Saturn, after called by humans as a malefic planet again does  penance seeking Lord Shiva's help to thwart of his  infamous  name.The place where  he did the penance & blessed by Lord Shiva is called "Tirukollikadu".Agni Bhagvan(Deva of fire) has done penance  here earlier & Lord Shiva is called Agneeswarar & Goddess  as Panjinum melladial(lotus feet  softer than cotton).                            Speciality of the temple:  Temple entrance is facing north side.Goddess Mahalaxmi's sanctum is in the northwest &  adjacent  to her  is Saneeswaran.He is holding  a plough as that of Deva Kubera who posses & offer  wealth  to human beings as per the wish of Lord Shiva.North west direction is where Kubera  resides & that place is taken by Saneeswaran in this temple.Directly opposite to him  in the north east corner is  Bhairava  Sannidhi Who also function as per Lord Shiva's instruction .He is blessing  the humans in overcoming their business rivalry,their debts & also providing healthier life.Worshipping him in descending  moon period ashtami thithi  would ward off all the short comings in human life provided they follow the path of Dharma.As  Saneeswaran  is  in the direct vision of Bharavar, his malefic effect is  reduced.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Traditionally in Nava graha sannidhi at Shiva temples,planets face in different directions whereas here they are in Tamil letter "ப " shape  as  shown in the photo   looking at each other.Their casting of bad effects is reduced under the direct control of Shiva.Flow of money is ensured by Goddess Mahalaxmi & Saneeswaran taking Kubera's place.Bhairava thwarts of  worries in he human mind.(பணக்கஷ்டமும் ,மனக்கஷ்டமும் சனி  பகவானின்  சாதகமற்ற  சஞ்சாரத்தினால் வரும் ) .This is one of the temple situated on the southern bank of River Cauvery.(காவிரி தென்கரை தலங்கள்) .Temple has been  built in Chola king period before 1000 years ago. God  Muruga is  having a bow in his hand  in stead of spear (வேல் ).Sthala  virutcham is Vanni.A simple  hand drawn  sketch is shown in the photo for easy understanding of direction of temple construction.Other photos of the temple  are also attached.(Thanks to Dinamalar Newspaper).In addition to Vanni,Umathai & Konrai which is decorating Shiva is also in the temple.Umathai has the medicinal property of healing mental disorders while Bunch of Konrai flowers promotes family unity,which is disturbed during Saturn transition.See our  saints & elders are visionaries,they knew the human sufferings very well,it is not necessary for them  since they have renounced the worldly activities.They took pity on us & has given such wonderful remedies. This  Saneeswarar  is also called pongu  Saneeswarar(prosperous) .Town buses & minibuses are available  from Thiruvarur bus stand. It is 9 kms from Kachanam 4 road  bus stop in Thiruvarur -Thiruthurai poondi   bus route .You can also reach from Kottur in Mannargudi -Thiruthuraipoondi . As the temple is in a remote village,It is better to have dharshan before 6pm &it is better to engage an auto or taxi for family.  From there you can also cover Thirukkuvalai Thyagaraja temple (Saptha vidangar)   & famous Ettukudi Murugan(Aaru mugar) temple,Thiruvaymur Thyagaraja temple(Saptha vidangar) &also Velankanni Church ,Nagapattinam(S.Vidangar) . I' ll write about Saptha Vidangar (seven  Thyagaraja temples) soon .All these  temples are with in 30 kms radius only.  Thanks to Dinamalar Newspaper for the photos .                                                                                                         


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