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Navaratri kolam

Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

Thiruvasi Matrurai Varadhar temple(Near Tiruchirapalli) history.

This is one of God Shiva  temple on the northern river bank of Cauvery.( 62 ) Historical name is Thiruppalasiramam.Present name is Thiruvasi.God Shiva is called "Mattrurai Varadhar".Goddess is called Balambiga.It is said that she was  born to a trader by name Kamalan & done hard penance under the Vannia tree.Later Shiva gave Dharshan to Her & married  Her.Adikara nandhi appears  with his consort below the Rajakopuram tower.Vinayaga is called selva vinayaga.During 7th century this area was ruled by the king Kolli Mazhavan.His daughter was suffering from an incurable disease.Frustrated,the king leaves her in  this Shiva temple so that she is cured by the grace of God.Saint Sambandhar  was visiting this temple.On hearing this, the king was also there to receive him.He told  sambandhar  about her daughter's condition.Sambandhar then prayed to God Shiva & sung ten verses in Devaram.On hearing this ,God Shiva was delighted,immediately blessed the girl & she was cured & became normal.God Shiva blessed her as Nataraja. Normally the  devil muyalaga would be pressed under his foot.Here a serpent is there under his feet.In the later period,Sundharar came here to worship after visiting Thiruvanaikkaval. a lot of devotees used to accompany him.He used to feed them.To meet the expenditure,he used to demand gold from God Shiva in a friendly manner in his Devaram songs.God Shiva is very much fond of his Tamil songs.some times Shiva used to play & tease him  in order to hear more songs from sundharar. Here also  sundharar asked gold.As God Shiva delayed  to give him gold,he got angry & asked in his  songs whether God Shiva  is there or not.After hearing this he got gold.In his mind  , he was doubting the  quality of the gold he received.At that time 2 persons came near  Sudharar & asked him ,why he  was looking at the gold.saying this,one of them got the gold from Sundharar & tested its purity.He told him that the quality  was really good.The person who came with him too told that gold is pure one.Now the 2 persons disappeared.He heard  a voice from the air.God shiva told Sundharar it was him  only who tested the gold & the person accompanied him  is none other than God Vishnu.தமிழில் தூய தங்கத்தினை பத்தரை மாத்து தங்கம் என்று கூறுவர்.இங்கு  சிவன் அதனால்தான் "மாற்றுரைத்த வரதர்" என்று   அழைக்கப் படுகிறார்.Goddess Mangalanayagi is blessing the small  children to get relieved from    balarishta dhoshas.This temple is in the bus route from Tiruchi to Salem at 13 kms from Tiruchi.You can see that Natarajar without  muyalagan,a rare one.Bottom photo shows Sundharar.Photos from  Dinamalar with thanks.We visited this temple during pradhosha time.We observed  that local people participating in large number.We visited here around  one  and half year back.That time temple renovation work was being started. In the second photo below  vinayagar,temple history is shown . 


  1. Very nice information, and thank you sir

  2. Dear friends will u able give the Thiruvasi (big) mantra in tamil please

  3. Saints Sambandar & Sundarar have sung sacred hymns called " Devaram " in Tamil,while Sambandar's song cured mental & physical disorder ,Sundarar's song fetched him Gold.These songs can be " downloaded from PANNIRU THIRUMURAI WEBSITES".Other than this I could n't understand Thiruvasi(big)mantra,you have mentioned.


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Navrathri kolam For 9 days - Easy Navratri kolam Simple 2

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