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Aadi perukku, Aug 3rd Saturday

Aadi perukku procedure

"Aadiperukku" (ஆடிப்பெருக்கு - பதினெட்டாம் பெருக்கு ) is celebrated in the month of July - August,in the 18th day of Tamil month ஆடி.This year it falls on 3rd July.Normally Tamil month Aadi is considered very sacred in the South.Goddess Mariamman is worshipped in all places.During the Fridays of this month,special poojas are conducted in the temples glorifying Goddess sakthi.Temple festivals are conducted in both Shiva & Vaishnava temples.During 18 th day, idols ( உற்சவ மூர்த்தி )are decorated in a grand manner with flower garlands & taken in a procession to a near by river.sprinkling of holy water from the river is carried out with devotion.(தீர்த்தவாரி).During 1960 in my early child hood days, i have participated in these festival.We used to decorate a small wooden vehicle with 4 wheels covered like a temple tower (சப்பரம்),place a small idol in it , tying with a rope,drew it to the river bank.In the school also teachers & students make a vehicle in a bigger…

Thiruppugazh lyric viragara nokkiyum.

This  Thiruppugazh song is  a special one.Vallimalai Swamigal who was instrumental in spreading Thiruppugazh all over Tamilnadu, personally hears this song from the friend of "Goddess valli"called " Pongi".He  came to  Vallimalai from Thiruvannamalai as per the instruction of His Guru Sheshadri Swamigal.He used to sing Murugan songs lonely in the hill top surrounded by thick woods.Sometimes wild animals like tiger would come there,snatch his thambura & listen to his songs.

விரகற நோக்கியு முருகியும் வாழ்த்தியும்
விழிபுனல் தேக்கிட        அன்புமேன்மேல்

மிகவுமி ராப்பகல் பிறிதுப ராக்கற
விழைவுகு ராப்புனை                  யுங்குமார

முருகஷ டாக்ஷர சரவண கார்த்திகை
முலைநுகர் பார்த்திப                  என்றுபாடி

மொழிகுழ றாத்தொழு தழுதழு தாட்பட
முழுதும லாப்பொருள் தந்திடாயோ

பரகதி காட்டிய விரகசி லோச்சய

பரமப ராக்ரம                                சம்பராரி

படவிழி யாற்பொரு பசுபதி போற்றிய
பகவதி பார்ப்பதி                தந்தவாழ்வே

இரைகடல் தீப்பட நிசிசரர் கூப்பிட
எழுகிரி யார்ப்பெழ              வென்றவேலா

இமையவர் நாட்டினில் நிறைகுடி யேற்றிய
எழுகரை நாட்டவர்                தம்பிரானே.                                                                                        Above song  by Saint Arunagiri Nadhar is a beautiful one, shows us how to  worship God.How  devotion towards God,transform both our mind & body.It is learnt that "Pongi" a friend of Goddess  Valli sang  into the ears of " Vallimalai Swamigal'(lived in the period of saints Sheshadri & Ramanar of Thiruvannamalai)this song for him to learn. God Muruga ,I should  melt in devotion towards you,tears filling my eyes,love to reach you should grow more & more  & with fumbling voice.I should  worship in this state of mind repeatedly. Saravana,Shatachara( சரவணபவ) grown  & fed by six angels( கார்த்திகைப்  பெண்கள் ).You have shown me the path of  liberation (பரகதி ) , grant me that.You are a great warrior.You are the son of God Shiva who burnt "Manmadha",the God of  desires & love with  a just a glance towards him &  son of Goddess Bhagavathi(Parvathi).You  destroyed  the demon in the form of  Krouncha mountain in the rescued the Devas their kingdom & made them live their normal life. Many  persons escape  from the  the cycle of  birth & death .How they achieve it .                                                                                                              
Krouncha mountain is compared to  our Karma containing both good & bad deeds from our many births.This is classified in to 3 form. 1 - Sanchitham 2 - Praraptam. 3 -Aakamiyam.Sanchitha karma is the bag that we bring in to this earth when we are born. Praraptam is that we experience in our life  like comforts & sufferings in our life.Aakamiyam is that we acquire in our present life which reaches the bag Sanchitham.Chitra Gupta records all our activities in  a hard disc  in his Master computer& shows  to Yama Dharma.He awards heaven or hell according to our  karma deeds.Balance karma informations (pending- we  can not undergo all the karmas in one stroke because it is like ocean) are passed on to God of Creation Brahma who in turn  writes in our head in the form of of genes.No one can escape from this.This is clearly told in Baghavat Geeta by God Krishna to Arjuna.In Karma Yoga chapter,"Karmani yeva Adhikarasthey ,Ma phaleshu  kadhachana".    You are entitled to perform your duty only & not its fruits .கருமத்தை செய்ய மட்டும்  உனக்கு தகுதி உண்டு வினைப் பயனில் அல்ல,வினைப் பயன் விளைவிப்பவன் ஆகி விடாதே.Those who want more details has to  look in to "Karma  &  Akarma in Geeta.These are clearly told in Vedham & Upanishads & Sastras.Guide lines are issued.God regularly sends saints periodically.Some listen to them.He himself comes to this world in the form of  Avadharam.(like Rama, Krishna).Avadharam means coming down.He took  too much pity on us & hence  Avadharam.திருக்குறளில் சொல்கிறாரே அழகாக ,இருள் சேர் இருவினையும் சேரா இறைவன் என்று கடவுள் வாழ்த்து பகுதியில். Some may have already known these things.I just pass on  to you.This is photo of Sikkal Singaravelavar.Photo courtesy Dinamalar magazine.


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