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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots

Sangu Chakra kolam

This is Sangu Chakra Kolam.As today is first Saturday of Purattasi month,let us worship Sri.Laxmi Narayanan,Sri. Bhuvarahan, Alarmel Manga  thayar & Sri Govinda to bless us with  the required wealth & health & also Sri.Hayagreevar to provide our children good education.Let us pray Sri.Laxmi Narasimha,Ahobilam Yoga Narasimha to ward off doshas & evil forces from hurting us.There is no tomorrow in the history of Narasimha in protecting his devotees as we remember Bhakta Prahlada.Sri.Garudazhvar & Ramadoothan will  be  always  with us.


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