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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots

Vinayagar kolam - Video post

This is Ganesh Chadurti festival kolam(free hand type).First  draw an outline of Ganesha with a piece of chalk, viewing Ganesh picture as shown in the top.Then you can use dry kola powder as we use regularly & complete the sketch.Add color, which you think attractive .For the beginners draw a rectangular shape first,mark the top,chest size with space for the hands,hip & give proportionate length of legs & feet.We are also  only beginners.In fact our grand daughter (  4th std ) draws better than us very proportionately.Try this one & also publish in Face Book.We expect more Ganesha pictures of your choice.Let us pray to God Vigneswara, Sidhi vinayaga & Karpaga Vinayaga to bless us our children,family , our country & entire world with prosperous , healthy , joyous & peaceful life. 


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