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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots


The day before Pongal festival(Tamil month " THAI") is called Bhogi Pongal or Bhogi  Pandigai in Tamilnadu(India).This is a festival of farmers.Cultivation of paddy starts from the month of Aadi(july 3rd week) &harvesting is done during the month of Margazhi(december end).Short term veg.crops like country beans(avarai),thuvarai(pulse),root veg.called karunai kizhangu are available in plenty during this season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Harvested paddy bags & these vegetables reaches the farmer's house.All the relatives,  neighbors & farm workers are united in celebrating this festival."bhogi" means happiness.All the farmers celebrate  this festival in a grand manner.On  bhogi day whole house(both inside &outside)is completely cleaned.Clothes ,dresses,bed sheets every thing washed.All the vessels kept  in the kitchen  cleaned.Whole surrounding is kept in Hygienic condition.All the houses are whitewashed(painting) & decorated.Bhogi is the preparatory day for celebrating pongal festival.                                                                                                                                                                   If the harvest is plenty paddy bags are sold in the market.Farmers buy new gold,silvver ornaments&new clothes for their family.There is happy atmosphere everywhere in the village.The next day celebration is called Pongal &   after that comes ,Mattu pongal   &Kanum pongal.Pongal is a thanks giving day celebration  for Planet Sun God.As Planet Sun plays an important role in agriculture,farmers worship it in a grand manner.The  next day celebration is called Mattu pongal.Bullocks,cows,goats & hens play a vital  role in farmer's life.So they  celebrate this festival by honoring them.If you see personally these festivals ,you will be delighted.Next day is called  "kanum pongal",ie meeting the elders personally & seeking their  blessings.In some places it is called "kanni pongal which is meant for mostly unmarried girls.They unite &celebrate.Newly married couples also celebrate this happily.In  astrology,Planet sun  enters Mahara rasi in the first day of Tamil month "Thai" ie is Pongal day(Mahara Shankaranthi)


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