I am sure ,those who have viewed my first posting(THIRUVOTRIYUR(NORTH MADRAS),would remember Lord Shiva's(Thiagaraja)role in Sundhara moorthy nayanar's life.Similarly Lord Muruga of Thiruttani,Thiruvotriyur Thiagaraja & his consort Thiripurasundhari(Vadivudai Amman) have played important role in the life of  Sri.Ramalinga adigalar who is fondly called as "vallalar" in Tamilnadu." ' Vallal' means who donates (food,clothes money )to poor people in Tamil.He was not a wealthy person.He had deep sympathy towards all living beings including animals &plants.His life period is before Independence of India(1823 AD-1874).He offered free food to everyone who visited him  in a free kitchen called "Sathia dharuma saalai".You should note the word 'sathia' which means truth.He advised people to synchronize three things .One should speak with an open mind which should result in good deed ,that is thinking,utterance&action .He insisted on not hurting & killing any living beings.He conveyed in his poem that he felt so much sad when he saw a  withering plant(வாடிய  பயிரை  கண்ட  போதெல்லாம் வாடினேன் ).His elementary school teacher was surprised when he saw his poems in Tamil at the age of nine because it normally takes five years at college level to write a poem.He simply told him not to attend classes as he was  extremely talented in Tamil  language.He had lost his father as an one year  boy & migrated to North  Chennai to live with his elder brother called  "Sabapathy Pillai".His brother's wife was a kind lady & looked after him very well.When his brother came to know that   Ramalingam   did n't attend classes,he was so much worried about his studies & future,he asked  his brother to attend classes but in vain.So  he asked his wife to stop feeding him, so that he can make him study.This did n't work out.                                                                            Mr.Sabapathy's wife gave food to  Ramalingam secretly.She was worried that he has to take food as a thief . After sometime she convinced his husband that his brother was a good boy & he should be allotted a room in upstairs for his personal studies & staying .Ramalingam gladly  accepted this & moved to room in the upstairs.Except for taking food,he spent all the time in  his room.He worshiped Lord Muruga of tiruttani ,fully concentrating his  mind for many days.One day suddenly Lord Muruga appeared  in a mirror kept in his room,he was overjoyed seeing God's presence.This was his 2nd experience of  seeing God,first one at the age of  five months when his parents  took him  to Lord Nataraja  temple.You read it in his  own words in Tamil."சீர்  கொண்ட  தெய்வ வதனங்கள்  ஆறும் திகழ்  கடப்பந் தார் கொண்ட  பன்னிரு தோள்களும் தாமரைத் தாள்களும் ஓர்  கூர் கொண்ட  வேலும் மயிலும் நற்கொழிக் கொடியும் அருட்  கார் கொண்ட வண்மைத் தணிகாசலமும்  என்   கண்   உற் றதே.I 'll come out with another wonderful experience of Ramalinga in the next one.