Ramalingam stayed wih his brother's family in North chennai called" MINT"(தங்கச்சாலை).He used to go to  Thiruvotriyur temple daily from his home by walk which is 7 kms away.He was 12years old then.He was so much attracted towards Lord  Thigaraja &Goddes Vadivudai Amman ,he wrote numerous devotional songs praising their kindness towards all living beings.One day after worshiping at Thiruvotriyur temple,he returned very lately to his home around mid night.His brorher's wife waited for him to provide  food .As he has not returned till mid night,she was worried but thought he might have  stayed with some of his friend's house & might  come in the morning&went to sleep locking the door.Ramalingam found that the door was locked.He was very much hungry ,walking 14kms.He tried to sleep  in  the sit out near the  entrance (திண்ணை).But his hunger did n't allow him.Then he saw his brother'wife bringing him food,telling him not to worry & take the food.Then he slept there.In the morning , when his brother's wife came out ,she found Ramalingam sleeping  in the sit out.She immediately woke him up asking  why he has not called last night & asked him to take break  fast as he  should be hungry without night meals,When Ramalingam told her that she brought him food last night&waited till he took the meal.But replied that she was asleep & did n't come there.Now Ramalingam realized    that it   is none other than Goddess Vadivudai Amman in the guise of his brother's wife.What a penance Ramalingam has done that Goddess  herself came to feed him.                                                                                                                                                               You hear it from his own words.                                                                                                     தெற்றியிலே  நான்பசித்துப்  படுத்திளைத்த தருணந்                                                                திருவமுதோர்  திருக்கரத்தே  திகழ்வள்ளத்                                                                                                                                                   தெடுத்தே                                                ஒற்றியிற்போய்ப்  பசித் தனையோ  வென்றெனையங்  கெழுப்பி                                      உவந்துகொடுத் தருளியவென்  னுயிர்க்கிநிதாந் தாயே .                                                       (  அருள் விளக்க மாலை - திருவருட்பா)