Hello World

Hello friends,
Thanks a lot for visiting our space.Let me introduce ourselves to u all.I am Ramalingam, a retired executive officer from Salem Steel Plant ( SAIL).My wife Thiripura Sundhari is my home maker.I live at Salem(Tamilnadu)with my wife.My son Sendhil is married & settled in Bangalore.My daughter Rajeshwari is married & settled at Chennai.We have a lovely grand daughter of my son & handsome grandson of my daughter. We mostly spend time with them whenever possible.
My daughter Rajeshwari & my Daughter-in-law Chitra are running food blogs namely Rak’s Kitchen & Chitra’s Food Book. I am happy they are doing a good job in publishing our family’s traditional recipes in their blogs.My wife is well versed in drawing kolam & it has become her favourite hobby.Actually we got married in 1977.My wife took the responsibility of running the family from my mother.She has taken care of my parents very well till their last breathe.As we were residing near the school we  used to provide our children  good  nutritious fresh lunch during their school days right from LKG TO HIGH SCHOOL.My wife looked after them well so that they attended classes regularly  & studied well.After our son's & daughter's marriage, we help them too in possible ways to run their family & they are looking after us very well.We started this Kolam blog based on my daughter & Dil's Suggestion.In our Hindu culture, there are different Kolams for different festivals.These are traditionally transferred from their mothers to their daughters.In this blog,we 'll provide all types of kolams drawn  by my wife in a detailed manner.I am not well versed in drawing patterns using software.So i will be just capturing my wife's drawings using my digital camera and share the same here.
Hope it will be useful for people who are interested in drawing kolams/Rangoli.Thanks for taking time to read about us.Keep visiting this blog.Have a nice day !

Thanks !