Ramalingam used to go to Kandha sami temple(கந்தசாமி  கோயில் )around 9years.This is before he had  the darshan of lord  Muruga of  Thiruthani in the mirror.This temple is situated near chennai central railway station.He has written 31 beautiful songs praising  Lord Muruga.These songs are of very high standard.One has to study in original version of Tamil.Large number of commercial shops are surrounding this temple.Broad way,Kuralagam &Parry's corner are near by it.A lot of busyness men daily worship at this temple before starting their work.They are all attracted towards Vallalar, happily celebrating his important achievements in life.He told people that all were equal before God.All religions are equal & showing the pathway to realize God.Even though poor feeding existed before his arrival  to this world,he very much stressed the importance of poor  feeding.He insisted that no one should suffer from  hunger.His teachings were revolutionary similar to that of our freedom fighter & great patriotic poet Mahakavi Subramanya  Bharadhiar &Swami  Vivekananda.He also started a school  to teach Thirukkural(written by Sri.Thiruvalluvar before 2000 years) in his later years of life.He asked people not to kill any living being.He stressed very much to follow vegetarian culture  in taking food.Since all are creations of God,we should protect them.He said that it is one of the important step to realize  god.                                                                                                                      He stayed at Chennai till he was 33years.He came there at the age of two.He taught Tamil to many students.Even many great Tamil scholars appreciated his talent &  Maha vidwan Meenatchi Sundaram pillai is  one among them.He effortlessly wrote all types of poems in Tamil  while many others could concentrate on only one type of poem.His grammatical knowledge was  exemplary.He could  clear many complicated doubts in Tamil Grammar.                                                                                                       His life  history:  First worships Lord Muruga(Kandha kottam,Thiruttani)                                                                         Worships Lord  Siva of Thiruvotriyur                                                                                                         Then Worships Lord Nataraja Of Chidambaram                                                                                       Finally worships God in Divine Light Form.