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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots


      Sri Sabapathy ,elder brother of Ramalingam was an expert in delivering religious discourses about 63  Saiva Saints(followers of Lord Shiva & whom  had personally seen Shiva & experienced His bliss).Their biography was written in poetic form called" Peria Puranam"bySri.Sekkizhar,   a learned gentleman & a minister of Chola kingdom.One rich business man by name Mr.Somu chettiar had arranged the discourse by Mr.Sabapathy.The discourse was arranged in the night hours so that much people  could listen to it after finishing their work.Mr.Sabapathy took with him Ramalingam to read some history pages in between his discourse.Then he was around nine years only.                              There was very good response & audience  to hear the discourse daily.One day Mr.Sabapathy suddenly became sick &could not go to the discourse.He was  so much worried as lot of people would be waiting there to hear  his discourse.So he asked Ramalingam  to convey this.Ramalingam  went & informed the organizer  Somu chettiar.But the disappointed audience asked Ramalingam to recite few poems about Saint Thirugnanasambandhar.Ramalingam agreed to this reluctantly& started reciting  the first  poem"ulagelam" in Peria  Puranam ." உலகெலாம் உணர்ந்தோதற்கரியவன்"- பெரிய புராணம்"- திரு.சேக்கிழார் .                                            Then Ramalingam started interpreting  the meaning of the poem elaborately that the audience &organizer Somu chettiar remained  spell bound till he finished the discourse.They were wondering how a nine year boy could explain these most philosophical things & were also moved very much by expression of his devotion to God.Those who had assembled there had the rare feeling of realizing God in themselves & began to visualize god in every thing of His creation.So Somu chettiar & the audience wanted Ramalingam to  continue the discourse daily.Somu chettiar met Mr.Sabapathy & informed him to send Ramalingam regularly.Mr.Sabapathy was surprised to hear this,however agreed to send Ramalingam.After he recovered from illness,he secretly went to the place of discourse &watched Ramalingam's speech.He was also wondering where Ramalingam had learnt all this things,his mastery over  Tamil language at this  very young age.He was in tears & thanked God silently.Thereafter he was very much proud of his brother & told also his  wife what he had seen,how the audience became spell bound.Let us meet again  & share what happened in  Ramalingam's life.


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When we shared ourfriday pooja & Hridaya kamalam kolams, a reader asked me to share our friday pooja procedures in detail.So in this post,i have shared my wife’s method of doing Lakshmi pooja on Friday.I won’t say this is the authentic method.But my mom & my wife has been following this procedure for more than 40 years in our house each Friday.Now my daughter-in-law is also performing the same.In this post,i have written how to make Lakshmi poojai with Thiruvilakku poojai kolam,Hridayakamalam kolam and thiruvilakku pooja stotram/slokas along with 108 potri in tamil. i.e Archanai slokam in Tamil.I have tried my best to explain the pooja procedures.Hope u will find it helpful.I have attached all the sloka pictures from our book “ Jayamangala sthothram”. I have also typed the Shodasha upachara pooja sthothram in Tamil & English. If u want to use this pictures in your website,please ask our permission.Thanks for understanding.Please leave a comment here if its helpful for you…

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Refer this post for thirikadugam Home remedy for common cold, cough
This is about preparing a kashayam / decoction for curing cold &  cough with light fever(சளி ,இருமலுடன்  ஜுரம் இவற்றை குணப் படுத்தும் கஷாயம்) at our home.

Take 5 gms of thirikadugam powder. 2 betel leaves, 2 omavalli( karpooravalli ) leaves, either palm candy or palm jaggery, some tulsi leaves.Take 200 ml of water.Put all these in it & boil it well till it becomes 100 ml.This is for adults.For children above 5 years, take half of all these like  one betel leave, one omavalli leave ,half the quantity of palm jaggery or palm candy,some tulsi leaves.This is for one time.Take it morning once & also evening once.If there is already fever, avoid palm jaggery or candy.Instead you prepare the decoction without it.After slightly cooling it add  two tea spoons of honey into it & take it. This will certainly cure without any side effect.Normal appetite would be there. We have taken this medicine & fo…

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Here is the collection of Navarathri Kolam Designs & Navratri Rangoli patterns ideas for 9 days to draw in front of golu, Pooja room & in house entrance. I have shared the pictures of Navarathri Padi Kolam designs like Flower kolam, Bird kolam, box kolam, Simple, easy and small apartment kolam for 9 days. I have also shared our last year Golu picture along with our pooja procedure and a post about the importance of Mahalaya Paksha. Do read it. I hope these ideas would be useful for everyone especially beginners. Please click on the pictures to view the respective kolam/Rangoli. All these kolam designs have clear video for your reference. Thanks for visiting this page !

Wish you all a very happy Navratri :)