Narendhran was a young lad studying in the college of Calcutta(west  Bengal).He had an unanswered  question.When ever he met learned people,he used to ask them,have you seen God.He could n't get  a direct reply from any one.One day around midnight he jumped into to the River Googly(River Ganges) & swam across ,reached  a boat house stationed in the middle of the river.The owner of the boat house was surprised to see a young lad with soaked dress at mid night.The lad asked him,Sir .have you seen God with your own eyes.But the elderly person replied to the lad that he has got powerful eyes.(Boat house owner is none  other than the father of famous poet Sri.Rabindranath Tagore )The lad was  little bit disappointed as he could n't get  the answer to his question.One day he attended a meeting addressed by his principal(westerner).This  is happening before Independence of India during British period.The principal told the  students that if you want to see  a person who has realized  God,then  you go & meet this person at Dakshineswar Kali temple(Calcutta).Narendhran one day went to Dakshineswar & met a person,looked very simple.That simple man was over joyed to meet   this young lad.I have been waiting for you to meet you young boy for  a long time .he told him.The lad was surprised as he is meeting him  first time.Then Narendhran asked him,have you seen God.Immediately the simple man replied that he has seen god as i was seeing you & show god to him.At last Narendhran got the answer for his unanswered question.He was attracted towards this simple man.The lad is none other  than Swami.Vivekananda who rocked in U.S.A in his later parts of life with the blessing of this simple man,his  Guru.Swami.Ramakrishna Pramahamsa who is a gift to this world by God.As told Ramakrishna  shows God & make the young lad see  God  with his own eyes.Those who want to know more about this can read books published by Sri .Ramakrishna  Mutt-Belur(Calcutta).Web address www.sriramakrishnamath.org,email:srkmath@vsnl.com