Ramalinga Swamigal 1

Vallalar adopted Saivite  Saint Sri.Thirugnana Sambandhar(7th  century A.C)as his Guru in his earlier life.He has separately composed songs praising  Sambandhar,Sundharar,Thirunavukkarasar(Appar meant as father)&Manickavasagar.He praises Sambandhar saying  that he had received the blessings of  his Guru in such a way that what one person could not achieve in many thousand years,he  had obtained  in a single day from him."வருபகற் கற்பம் பலமுயன்றலும் வரலருந்திறன்  எலாம் எனக்கே ஒரு பகற்பொழுதினில்  உற அளித்தனை நின்  உறு பெருங் கருணை  என் உரைப்பேன்".He follows Sri.Manickavasagar (9th century) who was the chief minister of Pandia king Arimarthana  Pandian    in his later years of life.Manickavasagar   wrote "Thiruvasagam" songs praising Siva & Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram temple(south arcot dt.Tamilnadu).I would like to mention few words about Thiruvasagam.It is learnt that this popular songs were written by Lord Nataraja himself as Manickavasagar was uttering these songs & signed as "THIRUCHIRTAMBALAMUDAIYAAN" which means   Lord Nataraja.Four Vedhas(Rig,Yajur,Sama&Adharvna-most popular scriptures dated back to B.C)were told by God to man(Saints)where as man(manickavasagar)told Thiruvasagam to God(listened by).கடவுள்  சொல்ல,மனிதன்  கேட்டது வேதம்.மனிதன் சொல்ல கடவுள்  கேட்டது திருவாசகம்.I'll tell one more  interesting thing about Thiruvasagam.During British period,Christian bishops(Weslean Mission - later  Church of South India)were deputed toSouth India to spread Christianity.There were high schools run by them.One gentle man known as Mr.G.U.Pope is one among them.He used to take classes for students.He decided to study Tamil ,so that he could teach them in their mother tongue.It is  learnt  that he was  a kind hearted person & if some student did n't come the school he would give them money by way of encouraging them & also a strict disciplinarian.                                                                                                                                              While   teaching them he  came  across  "Thiruvasagam" which was included in Tamil  subject. After studying some poems ,he found  it most interesting,he thoroughly studied it.He was very much moved in his inner heart that he became a fan of Manickavasagar.He used to quote Thiruvasagam songs to his  friends in Europe in his letters.One of his friends noted that words written were partly damaged due to falling of water drops over them &asked in his reply ,why his letters were like this.Mr.Pope replied that when ever he thought of Thiruvasagam, he became emotional about God &was in tears.What a noble soul was him.Here in Tirunelveli , some of his colleagues grew suspicious of Mr.pope's attachment towards Manickavasagars'songs & complained to the European missionary that Mr.Pope  has become a Hindu.So one person was deputed from Europe to Tirunelveli  to verify the fact as it shocked the Christian monastery.That deputed Gentle man(Mr.Arnold by name if i remember correct)also studied Tamil & Thiruvasagam.He immediately replied to the Mission that  Mr.Pope was a true christian because it would be difficult to stay in his own religion(Chritian) after learning Thiruvasagam.                                                                                                                              When some one wanted to meet Vallalar in his later part of life,people well known about him would suggest  to them  not to mention about Thiruvasagam   during their talk otherwise vallalar would become emotional& in tears,speechless for a long time.Finally  I would like to bring you one of the songs about  Manickavasagar written by Vallalar."வாட்டமிலா மாணிக்கவாசக நின் வாசகத்தைக் கேட்ட  பொழுதங்கிருந்த  கீழ்ப்பறவைச்  சாதிகளும் , வேட்டமுறும் பொல்லா  விலங்குகளும் மெய் ஞான நாட்டமுறும் என்னில் இங்கு நான்  அடைதல்  வியப்பன்றே. It is no wonder that i am elated after listening to Thiruvasagam even  animals & birds would do so.I"ll share with you more interesting things about the life of vallalar in  coming postings .Thank you  Viewers.