Ramalinga Swamigal 10

Vallalar was an expert in preparing sidhha medicines.He has cured many persons who were suffering from chronic diseases.stomach ulcers,skin disorders &breathing disorders were some of them.As you are aware,there were no clinical labs ,scanning&x-ray units in those days.Moreover poor people could not afford  costly  treatment,as they were available only in cities.Vallalar has known how to make copper into gold with the help of certain herbs & a sidhha medicine making process  called "rasa vadham"(ரச வாதம்)in Tamil.Many Sidhhars&saints like Agasthiar,Bhogar used to cure  the complicated diseases using this process who lived in an earlier period.Even now they  help devotees worshiping them as they are immortal.They preferred lonely hilly places in natural surrounding where rare herbals were available.They also  selected these places for long meditation without  disturbance.Even now you can feel the calm &Holiness in the places they have visited & many go there as a pilgrimage & fulfill their wishes ,if they are genuine.One priest  used to perform poojas at Vadalur Mutt.He has been  observing vallar at close quarters for a long time,how  Vallalar was preparing medicines especially gold making process.Normally Sidhhars don't disclose this to common man as they 'll become greedy&try to make money out of this.Vallalar came to know the intention of this priest &advised him  to keep away from this as this would not help him.But the priest ignoring vallar's advice started gold making process &lost his both vision  in doing so.He ran to Vallalar&asked him to excuse him ,as he has to protect his  family.Vallalar restored his vision &advised him  to desist from  this process.