Ramalinga Swamigal 2.

Vallalar was a born genius in TAMIL LITERATURE &GRAMMAR.He was familiar with literary &grammar works like Tholkappiam (தொல்காப்பியம் ,நன்னூல் சூத்திரம்).He  had exemplary command over composing all  type of metered songs in Tamil while many famous Tamil poets were experts in few types only.He has a  record  for 192 metered song(192 சீர் -திருவடிப்புகழ்ச்சி ) in which he has provided lot of sanscrit sloka words which shows he is a multi  linguistic.One day a young lad approached him saying that he has brought old literary works containing 100  poems pretending to be written in B.C  era.Immediately Vallalar replied that they were not old songs but composed recently with lot of grammatical errors.That lad immediately asked to excuse him for lying & became his student. He was coached very well by Vallalar  &became a Tamil lecturer in Madras presidency college later.That lad is his first student called Thozhuvur Velayudha Mudhaliar.He later published Vallalar's works called"THIRUVARUTPA"(திருவருட்பா).                                                                                                                                        In addition to this he had Irukkam Rathna  Mudaliar,Ponneri Sundaram pillai,Veerasami,Gnanasundaram Iyer &  Kria Yogi Arumugam  as his students.At the age of 26,he started teaching Velayudha Mudaliar.Many graduates in Tamil  had Vallalar's preface  in their books.He  got married to his  sister's daughter in 1850.But he  did  n't like it & renounced  family life.He  published 3 famous books(ஒழிவில்  ஒடுக்கம்,தொண்ட மண்டல சதகம்,               சின்மய தீபிகை) .He also wrote two books in prose form which were rare  at his period.( மனுமுறை  கண்ட வாசகம்  & ஜீவ காருண்ய  ஒழுக்கம்).Publishing books is a tough job in those days.He had  a rare talent in this. I will share with you many more wonderful happenings in his life period.