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Apartment Kolam

Apartment kolam with dots

Ramalinga Swamigal 3

Vallalar  had composed  many songs praising lord Muruga,Goddess Vadivudai  Amman,Lord Thigaraja,Padambakka nadhar &Aadhipureeswarar(Thiruvortiyur deities).As i have  earlier said he has firstly sung Kandha  kotta Murugan(garland of gem)&then about Lord Muruga of Tiruttani who appeared before  him in a mirror with  six heads with twelve hands sitting in a peacock.The description of this particular vision is very moving & one  has to read it in original form  in Tamil if  one wants to get the same feeling as Vallalar.See that he has lost his  father soon after his birth.He is  brought up by his brother Mr.& Mrs.Sabapathy pillai.He  stopped going to  school.His brother was expecting him to study well so that  he could  lead a good life in future.Except his brother's wife no one under stood him.These things did n't stop his faith in God.God never let downs his devotee.He always comes  to the rescue of his devotee.Vallalar has been visiting many temples around Chennai city at  his period where there were not much transport means like now.At the age of 35,he left for Chidambaram  to have darshan  of Lord Nataraja as that of his Guru Manicka vasagar from chennai city.After composing Thiruvasagam songs  Saint Manickavasagar enters & unites with Lord Nataraja in Divine Light form.On the way to Chidambaram,Vallalar visits many temples & has sung many songs praising Lord.He spoke always truth & followed what he has preached.He openly told the sectrets & philsophy  of worshiping different form  of Hindu  Gods &encouraged  people to worship in Divine Light form.In those period(before Independence)discrimination among people as  higher & lower societies,different religious faiths &lot of superstitions.He boldly said that all are the creation of same God & all are equal.He wrote how to lead a peaceful life without harming any living being.He very much stressed the culture of  vegetarian & not to kill any living beings.He separately designs two styles of living ,one for the married persons & another for renounced people.Every one can not renounce this world & it is also not necessary. He later started a school to teach "THIRUKKURAL"at Vadalur which was written by Sri.Thiruvalluvar before Christian  Era.In this Valluvar weighs both married life &renounced  one in a same scale.In his book "Jeeva karunya Ozhukkam, he tells how to lead a good life & realize god.This is in a prose form so that all can read it  easily.All his works are compiled  in a book form namely(THIRUVARUTPA) by his Student Thozhuvur Velayudha Mudhaliar in to six parts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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Wish you all a very happy Navratri :)

Apartment kolam with dots