Ramalinga Swamigal 6

Vallalar stresses the importance of poor feeding very much.He says it is our duty to provide food to hungry persons.He says poor feeding is something like serving God himself.Poor people   who don't have proper earnings,would be always worried about about their survival.As God is dwelling in every living being,feeding the poor is equal to offering food to God.In those days saints never make a permanent arrangement for offering food to the needy,as they may be moving   to various places,Where as Vallalar started a poor feeding home at vadalur called "Sathia Dharma salai"on 23.5.1867.Vadalur villagers donated  the required land to construct this home,Till date poor feeding is done  here.Required materials like rice, vegetables are donated by someone,as it is God willing& done by his pet.Married persons who don't have a child for long time,would be blessed with one, if they feed the poor Vallalar says.God is taking into account in whatever way we help the poor,God will full fill our good desires.God  forgives our sins committed in our previous births by feeding the poor.You can never satisfy a man by offering him money or any other property you have.After taking food ,a man says "enough&enough" and wishes us.Thiruvalluvar says poor feeding is the best way to keep your wealth in  THIRUKKURAL.                                                                                                      அற்றார் அழிபசி  தீர்த்தல்  அ ..'' ..தொருவன், பெற்றான்  பொருள்  வைப்புழி.          Vallalar tells these things in  a grand & fitting manner in his book " Jeeva  karunya Ozhukkam".