Ramalinga Swamigal 7

God is a step ahead in protecting the life of all living beings right from the conception when comparing to mother.Vallalar reveals the facts which we we have never thought about.A mother knows that she is bearing a child only after some 40 or 50 days & that  too after getting confirmed by a doctor.God is right from the beginning is with the human egg.There are lot of bacterias inside the womb along with the human egg that may harm the very existence of the human egg.God stays together with the egg &saves it .we are aware how a baby grows in the womb.Wormb is a darkest place & not a free place to stay in.Many times due to body movements,the baby has to  bear the  pressure & shock inside.God always stays  there & protects us as well as the mother till the baby is delivered & even after the birth he protects us.He also endures all the pushings &jostlings  for the sake of us.Vallalar reveals these things & thanks God for all these ordeals he is undergoing.He expresses many thanks again & again to God in Tamil "வந்தனம்","வந்தனம்","வந்தனம்".