Ramalinga Swamigal 8

  A court official known to Valllar has invited vallalar to stay with him for a few days at his home at Manjakkuppam.Vallalar accepted his invitation.The official brought a bullock cart to Vadalur to take vallalar with him as modern transport were not much available in those days. It was night time & there were no street lights,no electricity.Court official,his  office peon & Vallalar were sitting inside the cart.Another man was driving the cart.Only kerosene lit hurricane lamps were usually taken  in the cart .The cart neared a place called Kullanchavadi.Suddenly two thieves appeared before the cart &forcefully stopped it.They threatened &armed with clubs.They asked the persons inside the cart to step down.Bullock cart driver & the peon ran away fearing ,entered into a cashew  groove nearby.To protect Vallalar from the thieves,the court official immediately got down.On seeing a diamond ring worn by the official,thieves threatened  him to remove it raising their hands with the clubs. On hearing this Vallalar told the thieves"அவசரமோ" which means "are you in a haste" & looked at them.Their raised hands came to still position.They could n't lower their hands.Suddenly they lost their vision.They immediately knelt before Vallalar & asked him to forgive them.Vallalar forgave them & restored their vision.They went around the cart & worshiped Vallalar,left them harmless.On seeing this,cart driver & the peon returned & requested Vallalar to forgive them for running away from the scene. These are one of the miracles performed by Vallalar.