Ramalinga Swamigal 9

While Vallalar was busily engaged in spreading the good ideals like treating all religions as equal,should not think  one is superior  & other is inferior in births,strict following of vegetarian culture,clearing all religious  superstitons in Hindu culture through his Sanmarga Sangam(A n institution founded by him) people in large number began to support him & his followers.Some persons became jealous about him & Induced one Tamil scholar  called Yazhpanam Arumuga navalar(Ceylon) to file a complaint against vallalar in Manjakuppam  court(Cudalore),stating that Vallalar was abusing him & his speeches.Actually it was not so &Vallalar never interfered in other persons as he has has already declared he was seeing God himself in every  human being.Summons were sent to both of them & enquiry day also came.                                                                                 A British  Judge was  conducting the enquiry.Accepting  the summon  Vallalar came to the court. A lot of people gathered in the court Hall to see the proceedings .The judge came &sat in his seat.He looked at the gathering. He also noticed Arumuga navalar sitting in the front row.Arumuga  navalar has engaged  Mr,Soundara Nayagam pillai  from Yazhpanam as his advocate.He was sitting by the side of Arumuga Navalar.No advocate was engaged  for Vallalar. Court messenger called Vallalar's name 3 times.Vallalar entered the court .All   the persons assembled there stood from their  seat to show respect to Vallalar.They folded their hands as a mark of respect to Vallalar.Arumuga navalar also stood up & bowed towards Vallalar folding his hands.Enquiry started.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Judge looking at Arumuga navalar:Why did you stood up  when  Vallalar entered    the court.              Arumuga Navalar (plaintiff):As all stood up,i too stood up.                                                                     Judge:Why all stood up.                                                                                                                             Plaintiff: All stood up because  he is  an elderly person(meaning respectable) ,                                       Judge :  why did you  stand up .                                                                                                                Plaintiff:I too  stood up  for showing respect to an elderly person.                                                          Judge:  For the sake of showing respect to an elder person .Is it  n't.                                                        Plaintiff:Yes ,Sir .                                                                                                                                      Judge:You are accepting the " Defendant "as a respectable person.You stood up from your seat as       a   mark of respect to the defendant when he entered  the court&also bowed towards him.As you are considering him  as a respectable    person you need not filed a complaint against him.I find your complaint is not a true one by your action itself.So I dismiss this case.Then the court  dissolved.All the people praised the judge for his clear observation & judgement.Vallalar was then asking God Why you have placed me in such a situation. Let me share with you all  other things later.Thanking you  viewers.