Vallalar had left Chennai in  the year 1857 ,when  he was 35 years old.After worshiping many temples on the way he reached Chidambaram to worship Lord Nataraja.Sri.Venkata  Reddiar(village  head of Karunguzhi) requested   Vallalar to stay at his  house after seeing his true devotion towards God.Vallalar accepted his invitation & stayed there for  nine years till he moved to Vadalur ,near to Neiveli Township(Neiveli lignite corporation -Govt. coal mines with  large thermal power house).In the year 1872 our saint constructed a Divine Hall called சத்திய  ஞான  சபை in octagonal shape at Vadalur. Vallalar had the vision  of God in the form of Divine Light  in  his inner & he wanted that every one should realize God in the form of Light which is acceptable to all religions & to the whole world.He decides to show the the divine  form of God in a symbolic manner at the Divine Hall in each month & in  a special way in a full moon day in the Tamil month of Thai ,as i have told you  in my  previous post.Devotees would assemble in large  number in a vast open ground around 6.40 A.M.They will be looking towards north direction  at The Divine Hall.On your right side you can see the rising  sun while you can see the setting full moon at the left side.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our right eye represents sun & left one moon.In the centre  of our forehead(the place in between  our eye brows)  you are viewing The Divine Light(அருட்பெருஞ்சோதி) shown in a screen from  The Divine Hall.One by one there are seven screens with seven different colours.First six colours represent our impure state of mind & immaturity to realize God.Up to the sixth screen,we are gradually improving our state of mind & knowledge shedding all our egoism,characters like anger,hatred,lust &untruth.We should not  kill any living beings.Finally you can see The Divine  light in the 7th screen(White Screen).This is a wonderful experience one has to be present there to see & feel for themselves.You can find your mind enjoying a peaceful condition & happiness indescribable.  Once in every 26 days, Poosam star comes & Jothi (Divine light) is shown in Vadalur Divine Hall,with six screens where as in the month of Thai(after Jan-14th &in between Feb ) seven screens are represented.The Divine Hall design itself is an unique one,which you can't find anywhere.I 'll share its details later.As today is a very important in his life i have skipped many parts to share with you about Darshan of Divine Light.