Thiruppugal- Arunagirinadhar & Valli malai Swamigal

Around 1450 AC,there were difference of opinion among Lord Siva & Lord Vishnu worshipers.People also started to follow worldly affairs more forgetting Bhakthi marga(Praising God &worshiping  him through devotional songs).During that period due to God's Divine Grace a gentle man was born inThe Holy Place Thiruvannamalai .He has learnt Tamil,Sanskrit,Devaram  & other Vedha Sastras very well.After leading married life,he began to concentrate on Lord Muruga very sincerely by doing meditation.He found it  difficult to do it.He has been trying to do it perfectly,many days.But could not succeed.At last he took  the extreme step.He climbed  up Thiruvannamalai Temple tower & fell from the top trying to end his life.Lord Muruga saved  him  from falling down with his both hands.He called him as"ARUNAGIRI NADHA"&asked him to compose songs in Tamil.Then Arunagiri wondered &asked Lord Muruga how can  i sing praising you.Lord Muruga Himself  blessed Arunagiri by telling him the first line of the song "முத்தைத் தரு".He started singing this song in the presence of Lord Muruga.                                                                                                                                                  Lord Muruga blessed Arunagiri & asked  him to  sing songs all over Tamilnadu & other places in India.These songs are called  (Thiruppugazh)"திருப்புகழ்"in Tamil.He traveled all over Tamilnadu by foot &visited all the temples &sung beautiful Tamil rhythmic songs praising Lord Muruga.He would also include Lord Siva,Goddess Parvathi,Lord Vishnu &Goddess Mahalaxmi,Lord  Vinayaka,Ramayana &Mahabaratha happenings  in such a way that they were appreciated by both  Lord Siva & Vishnu followers.He brought religious unity among people.He began guiding people to devotional path.Like Vallalar he told clearly "dos"&"don'ts" to the people through his songs.It is learnt that he has composed around sixteen thousand songs of which only around one thousand four hundred are available to us.                                                                              In the 19th century a gentle man lived in the same period of Sri.Ramana Maharishi &sri.Sheshadri Swamigal of  Thiruvannamalai.Sri,Sheshadri Swamigal blessed him & asked him to go to "Valli malai" a small hilly place where Lord Muruga married His consort Valli & to establish an Ashram.Obeying his  Guru,the gentle man called " SACHIDHANDA SWAMIGAL" went to Vallimalai( Vellore Dt-Tamilnadu) &established an  Ashram. From there  he went an spreading"Thiruppugazh" all over  Tamilnadu. He devised a  system of singing Thiruppugazh songs.Before Independence,people used to go to British officers' house during New year's Day.Swami.Sachidhananda changed this culture.He advised people, when there is Lord Muruga why are you going to others for favours. In the midnight of December 31 he started taking people to Lord Muruga of Thiruttani &at  the dawn of Jan 1st they would have the Dharshan of Lord Muruga.From the ground,Swamy.Sachidhananda would be singing Thiruppugazh songs praising Lord Muruga climbing  each step to the hill temple of Thiruttani . People all over Tamilnadu formed a team ( Thiruppugazh Sabhai) in their places & began to follow Swamy.Sachidhananda's path in worshiping  Lord  Muruga. To honour Saint.Arunagiri Nadhar ,teams  assemble on every Aug 15th at Thiruvannamalai Temple .Starting from there they perform "  Girivalam" singing Thiruppugazh songs.Dear viewers,hope you all like this& expect your comments.I am just sharing with you Divine thoughts aroused in  my heart. Expecting your feed back.