Thiruppugal & Kandha Puranam

  • In Skandha Puranam Sri.Kachiappa  Sivachariar (Kanchipuram)vividly describes the birth of Lord Muruga &how he destroyed evil forces that prevented the normal functioning of this world,how He restored normality.In his master piece(ARUTPERUNJOTHI AHAVAL-THIRUVARUTPA)Vallalar tells how God is empowering suitable persons in different posts(as chief) &maintaining not only this world  but the whole universe which is expanding day by day as one can see in the milky way of the sky.Three Devil persons called asuras were  born to  a highly disciplined saint & a devil asura woman called "mayai".They perform penance for a long period as per their guidance of their Devil or asura Guru called Sukrachariar.Brugaspathi is the Guru of Devas(Angels whose duties are to keep running this world in  a natural disciplined way as per the guide lines of God).Deva Guru Brugaspathi guides the Angels in  normal running of this world.After performing the penance three asuras seek several boons from  Lord  Siva & forcefully take over the administration from Angels.Because of the special boons gifted to asuras,Anjels could not perform their regular duties.Asuras after conquering the worlds from Angels,rule in an arrogant way where worshiping of God,penances  done by saints & normal life of all living beings are  disturbed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So Angels surrender to Lord &  seek his help to defeat devil forces & bring normality. Lord Muruga   is born from the third eye of God  from the fore head.He becomes the supreme Commander of Angels &   defeats the asuras, restores  normality and  the lost power back to Angels.In thanking Lord Muruga, Devendran the chief of Angels requests Lord Muruga to marry his daughter Deivanai.Lord Vishnu & his consort Mahalaxmi had a daughter.During Lord Muruga's period,she is born to a tribal couple (tribal chief Sri.Nambirajan).She was doing penance at Valli Malai where our Swami.Sachidhanda later  established an Ashram.After asuras annihilation,Lord Muruga was reminded by Saint Narada,about Valli's birh & penance at Vallimalai & her resolve to marry him.After marrying Deivani,Lord Muruga in disguise as a hunter visits Vallimalai & marries her after some hilarious acts revealing his original form It is believed that newly married couple Murugan & Valli stays at Gnnamalai in a secluded place about 40 kms from Vallimalai.Thirututtani,Vallimalai&Gnanamalai are situated in three corners at equidistant as an equilateral triangle.Existence of Gnanamalai is only recently  known to public.Before fighting with asuras, Lord Muruga is camping in six places called" ஆறுபடை  வீடு" in Tamil.Our saint Arunagiri has composed several songs praising Lord Muruga & describes how He conquers the asuras& as a happy ending how he marries Valli & Deyvayanai.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The six camping places are: 1)Thirupparankundram 2) Thiruchendur3)Thiruvavinangudi 4)Thiruveragam(Swamimalai)5) Kundruthoradal(All hilly places where Lord Muruga dwells)6)Pazhamudhir cholai.Arunagirinadhar has  composed many songs for each camping place. In addition to these he has sung several songs for  five places called "Panja bootha  sthalangal".Saint Arunagiri has also composed,Kandhar alankaram,special songs called "vahuppu" வேல் வகுப்பு,கடைக்கண்ணியல்  வகுப்பு & கந்தர்  அநுபூதி.I  have left some " Vahuppu" which  i 'll give later . Even though Lord Muruga's birth & history looks like old history & story they contain  very valuable philosophy that is connected to human life &shows  how to get liberation from this endless births.That is why many truth finding persons turns over here from other countries.I have told above things in a very simple way known to me as these are highly philosophical &requires very good English translation & requests to bear with my translation .Let me share  other things in my coming posts.Thanking you.