Thirupugal Song(Siruvapuri or Siruvarambedu) - 1.

In Ramayana ,after defeating king Ravana, Sri.Rama brings back Seetha & returns back to Nandhi gramam where his brother Bharadhan was waiting to hand over the kingdom  to Sri.Rama.Rama hugs him &all of them return to Ayodya  where coronation of Sri.Rama was done by Saint.Vasishta.After that King Rama (Raja Raman)lives with Seetha happily & rules Ayodya for a long time.Two sons were born to these divine couple.They were named as Lava & Kusa .They were brought up by Saint.Vashista &Seetha in an Ashram of Vashista in a remote place.Due to unavoidable circumstances Seetha was sent to Vashista by King Rama to the Ashram of Saint Vashista.As they were in a remote area Rama  was not aware of his children's birth.They grew up in the Ashram &taught all Vedha Sastras including Dhanur Vidya(art of using bow & arrow  which is equal to modern missile technology).Saints doing penance for the welfare of the people were given special boons by Lord Siva,Vishnu & Bramma.They were more powerful missiles equivalent to present day nuclear missiles.The saints in turn gifted them to the noble kings who were advised not to misuse them for their personal purpose & should be used to protect Mankind.Lava & Kusa learnt all these arts effortlessly from Saint Vashista & their mother Seetha.                                                                            King Rama decides to perform "ASWAMEDHA YAGA" for the welfare of his kingdom. A horse is decorated &sent over to all countries,where smaller kings pay respect to  this horse &accepts the superiority of the King who is conducting this holy yaga( A holy process invoking the blessing of God with lot of rituals usually conducted by great saints & King's Royal Teacher called Raja Guru).If any king who stops this horse's procession will be defeated by king who is  conducting this yaga.When the horse from Ayodya came near Vashista's Ashram,they were captured by Lava & Kusa.This was informed to Rama &an army  was sent to Ashram place to take back the horse.That was defeated by Lava & Kusa.Laksmana ,Bharadha brothers of King Rama were also defeated by Lava & Kusa.Lava & Kusa were fighting their father's army without knowing it.Rama also sent Hanuman,most powerful monkey who helped Rama to defeat Ravana & bring back Seetha.Hanuman single handedly crossed the ocean surrounding the present day Srilanka & entered  Ravana's  palace,finds Seetha's place hidden by king Ravana,assures  a dejected Seetha that Rama is camping near the Ravana's  island & soon they will invade Lanka & take her back.As promised to Seetha,Rama crosses the sedhu Samudra(the palk straight between India &Ceylon) by a bridge built by Hanuman's team & captures Lanka after killing Ravana.Rama installs Vebeeshan brother of Ravana as the king of Lanka.Brings back Seetha & became the King of Ayodya.Through out this  period Hanuman stays with Rama &When Rama offers a place in Vaikunadam where Lord Vishnu stays after Ramaavadhara ending,Hanuman refuses this offer saying that he would like to stay in this earth where the name of Sri,Rama is repeatedly recited by sages & people, he  would like to hear the name of Rama nama always & Hanuman is called a Chiranjjevi( a person who always lives without facing death).Every where in India there are temples for Hanuman as a honour to him & he always help & protect those who recite the name of Rama.                                                                                    Back to the history the most powerfull Hanuman was also defeated by Lava & Kusa.So King Rama himself came  & fight with this children without knowing that they were his own.Seetha & sage Vashista come to the battle field.They find Rama  there &ask Lava & Kusa  to stop the war as Rama is his father.They obey their instruction &all of them are reunited.The place where Lava & Kusa fought with Rama is called "சிறுவரம்பேடு "orசிறுவர் அம்பு எடு in Tamil(small children taking bows & arrows for fighting).This incident has taken place in a place  near Chennai called "Siruvarambedu".This happening is told by Saint Arunagiri in his famous Thiruppugazh songs at this particular place where a temple is constructed for Lord Muruga.Let me share with you the importance of this temple & it's Thiruppugazh in my next posting.