63 Naayanmar festival 2015

During 7th century AC,Sivanesa chettiar was living at Mylapore(chennai).He was a rich business man.He was a great devotee of  Lord  Shiva.He has heard about Saiva Naayanmar Sri.Thirugnanasambandhar & wanted to meet him.He had a daughter Poombavai below teen years.He decides to marry his daughter to sambandhar after she is  grown up.So he was waiting for the arrival of Sambandhar who used to visit all  temples of Lord Shiva & praise him in his holy hymn  Devaram.Meanwhile unfortunately Poombavai died due to snake bite.Unable to bear his  daughter’s  death,he  keeps the bones of her daughter in a mud pot in his house.One  day Sambandhar visited Mylapore & had worshipped at Shiva temple.Some of the devotees told  him about Sivanesa chettiar & the fate of Poombavai.As he heard that chettiar was an ardent lover of Lord Shiva,he wanted to meet him & condole his daughter’s death.He reached Chettiar’s house with the help of some devotees.Chettiar was very much happy to receive him &  told about his daughter’s death in tears & brought the mud pot containing her bones.                                                                                                                                    Sambandhar asked  chettiar to take the pot & place it in front of  Kabaleeswarar  sanctum , & began to sing the glories of Lord  Shiva with ten verses of song.Each verse contains four lines.He was singing about various  festivals celebrated in that temple & in each 4th line of the verse, he would call poombavai  saying that without seeing this festivals   how you have gone.When he completed the  tenth verse,suddenly Poombavai appeared from the  pot from the heap of her bones  as  a  grown up girl.She saw her father & knelt before him. All assembled there in the temple began to praise  Sambandhar  but he pointed his folded hands towards Lord Kabaleeswarar & told that because of Him only Poombavai came alive.Now  Chettiar was very much happy & requested Sambandhar to marry his daughter.As the creation of Poombavai was done by his songs,he is like her father now & rejected the marriage offer.                                                                                                                                                           During Panguni Uthiram festival time all the Idols of 63 Saiva  Naayanmar  decorated in a palanquin & taken along the  four  mada streets of  Sri.Kapaleeswarar temple till date  along with the Idols of  Goddess Karpagambigai & Lord Kapaleeswarar .It is true that God bears some insults to him in the way of complaining by people that He is not listening  to their request.But he never forgives  an insult to his true  devotee. He takes 64 type of acts in Madurai to save his devotees in   Madurai which is told in poetical form  in Thiruvilayadal  puranam. For your special attention, i am posting two  of the verses of Sambandhar Devaram relating to Poombavai. (thanks to Arulnandhi Sivam Arutpani mandram -  Tirunelveli).Our ancient rulers(Chera,Chola Pandia,Pallava,Nayakkar,Krishnadevarayar ,Vir Shivaji of Maharastra & other kings in northern part  of India) constructed Huge temples in honour of Lord Shiva ,Vishnu,Vnayaga,Muruga  & Goddess Parvathi , it is not possible now to  build such tall towers & temple architecture.They built their palaces in a small way & temples in  great style & structure.They also donated lot of agricultural lands & gold articles to the temple.Each ruler after rulers continued the good work of constructing temples & maintaining vedic schools ,respected  vedic scholars,oduvars(those who sing Devaram holy hymns) & strictly followed the path of truth. But how present day rulers are & how honest people were pushed to  back seat.It is high time that all devotees unite & bring back our earlier Golden period.Let us all pray to God to give us the strength to make a come back.