Benevolent deeds ( kanchi maha periyava )

Kanchi Periyava(Sri.Chandra Sekara Saraswati swamigal) was visiting remote villages in Tamilnadu.He would be going to many temples on the way & the tour starts early morning & ends  in the night around 9 pm.Normally Kanchi mutt staff would accompany Periyava with a cook,things  required for the  daily pooja & other camping materials.This  would  be well programmed one, informing his devotees in the villages & concerned temple authorities to co  ordinate during his visit.Mostly he walked all the way meeting all kinds of people.One day around 9 pm he was on the way to his stop over place, he was walking through a remote village.He heard the sound  of  a cow's voice near a house in a cow's shed & he started  moving towards the cow  shed.Mutt staff were wondering why Periyava was deviating from his programme as they have to maintain the time schedule & proper rest for him for the next day's hectic schedule.On entering the cow's shed, he saw a  pregnant cow struggling hard to deliver  a calf.May be the awkward position of the calf that made the cow struggle & letting out a distress call  to God himself to save her & calf.Periyava understood the distress call.He bent towards the cow & touched its back & stomach in a smooth massage like fashion. A petromax light was brought to the shed as there   was no electricity there.Periyava sat on  a chair silently looking at the cow.After midnight the the cow delivered the calf safely to the everyone's relief.Periyava continued his tour the next day morning.                                                                                                                                                                                  An other occasion , many persons were visiting Periyava at his Kanchi mutt.A young lad came there & met him.He told Periyava that he was studying  a degree course in The Annamalai University(Chidambaram) & explained that he was unable to stay & pursue the study in the  hostel(He couldn't afford mess fess & other hostel expenses).Periyava advised him to pursue the study as a day scholar staying in a room.He asked him to wait for some time.A well known jewellery shop owner came there to meet Periyava .Periyava asked  him to help a poor college boy studying at Annamalai University  Whom he would send to the business man shortly.When the  college student met Kanchi Periyava again, he informed him to contact the jewellery shop owner immediately.The student returned to Chidambaram & met the owner, told him that he was coming from the Kanchi Mutt & requested for help.The owner did n't assure him any help immediately.After some days,the student again approached the business man.He does n't offer  any help.Frustrated with this ,the college student informed Kanchi Periyava about this.Periyava this time gave him some 2  or 3 residential addresses of some brahmin houses at Chidambaram & asked the lad to meet them.The lad was very much  hesitating to seek help due to his previous experience.Then Periyava quoted famous  "Tamil poem" ,கற்கை நன்றே   ,கற்கை நன்றே ,பிச்சை  புகினும் கற்கை நன்றே - meaning ,it is well to learn even doing begging,that education would fetch  one  good future.Periyava told the lad that he would  do that for the sake of him. Later arrangements  were made in the brahmin's homes at chidambaram that the would  feed  the student taking turns in each home.He completed the studies very well & later  occupied highest post in Unesco.He never forgot to visit Kanchi Periyava later in his life.