Go pooja ( worshiping of cow in temple & Asramam )

In our Hindu Religion Cow is worshiped from Vedic Period.Cow's milk is suitable for all ages from child to elders & even patients.We get buttermilk,butter & curd from the milk.It can be preserved in the form of ghee for many months which is used in Ayurveda  & Sidha medicines.A mixture of  Cow's milk,curd,butter,komiyam(urine of the cow) & ghee is called "pancha kavyam", &  used anointing Sivalingam.This is also a medicine & can be used in agriculture which in turn helps to give better yields.Cow dung can be converted into gas form which can be used to produce electricity,for cooking purposes ,lighting & even can be used to operate pumpset .Chinese are using gobar gas very well in their villages there by saving importing of petroleum which involves  foreign exchange.Now let us come to our "Gomatha"(Khamadenu).How  Krishna was brought up in a cow herd village & How he managed "cow herds" as  a cow boy in his Krishnavadara all for the sake of us.Because of that only,we have got "Bagavath Geeta"which is translated in many language & studied all over the world.                                                                                                                                                                                Let us see how to  worship "Gomatha".   After coming round "the cow " We should should pray like this. Hey Gomatha,  you milk away all our unwanted desires, we get the punya deeds of bathing in all holy rivers which in turn drives away our all sins( purifies our mind ) & heir       of  Kamadhenu(heavenly cow) , Worshiping you is equal to coming round the whole world(doing pradhachina as if in temple).Always worship a cow having a calf.Offer bananas,grass(அருகம்  புல் ) , raw vegetables,greens(அகத்திக்கீரை)  to the cows when ever possible on new moon & full moon  days, & pradosham days.Offering on Srarrdha thithi would fetch you the blessings  of your fore fathers.It is always better to donate or offer to Gosalai (cow herds taken care of  in temples or asramas -  பசு மடம்).In  Thiruvanaikkaval Akilandeswari samedha Jambugeswarar temple(  appus thalam -  water   : one of the temples in pancha bootha), priest of Jambugeswarar used to perform "go pooja" in mid noon pooja(உச்சிகால  பூஜை) wearing a saree symbolically as  Goddess Akilandeswari.In Salem Kandhasramam near udaiyapatti(in Salem-Athur - Chennai N.H),Go puja & Ganapathi Homam is performed daily by Chief Priest Sri.Ganapathi Raman .This Asramam was founded by Sathguru Sri.Santhananda Swamigal  of Daththareya parampara.Chandi Homam,Navavarana pooja are performed regularly every month. Go pooja performed in Salem  Sadhguru Santhananda Swamigal Adhishtanam & Skandaramam( in the top & middle photos).In the bottom photo Go pooja performed at Thiruvanaikkaval temple (near Tiruchirappalli  & Srirangam)                                                         



  1. Thank you for sharing our culture ! In our Hindu religion we worship cow like a goddess and call her Gomatha. We get butter, milk, curd etc from her. Buy wooden Puja Temple for your home to visit on this link.

  2. Really very nice. We Hindus treat the Cow as God. They Give us milk ,curd,butter and many useful eating Natural foods. We have a Great respect to them.We also chant hindu slokas and mantras on the day of Govardhan Puja.


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