Idol worship in Hindu temples ( the reason behind it )

Before consecration of our Hindu Temples, Yaga Salai  pooja is done as per the guidance of Hindu veda sastra.Learned vedic pandits recite mantras before holy fire, non stoppingly for minimum 3 days sitting in a group(11,33 or 51 like that). Sacred water in a metal pot is placed near the fire.All the slokas chanted by the pandits are transformed into heat energy & stored in the metal pot.In the moola sthanam (கருவறை) copper plates written with special mantras are placed under the idol permanently under certain feet depth.Moreover, the tower above the idol is a special type construction with a dome & a metal kalasam in it's top, always in contact with outer sky from which magnetic energy waves are  always collected & transferred into the idol below.During consecration time metal kalasam in the tower and  the idol is connected by a  special thread.Vedic  pandits ,after  completing the yagasala pooja bring the sacred water in the metal pot, pour in  the metal  kalasa in the top of the tower or or vimanam.All the heat energy stored in the sacred water is coming to the idol.Now the idol is not  a stone.It is living being like us.If you watch the moola sthanam,there is no windows  are opening.So there is no leakage of energy. The priest   shows lighted lamps & bring the lighted lamps to the devotees.Divine  Energy  stored in the idol is transferred to the lighted lamp &  when contacted by the devotee, he is blessed with.Moreover chanting of  mantras,chanting of holy hymns like Devaram & Thiruppugazh,enhance the stored energy.The thoughts of the saints,Siddhas who have earlier come,will be rounding there which is  a special blessing for the true devotees coming there to worship.This is how we are blessed with.For example "Runa vimosana Linga" is there in Tiruvarur Lord Thiyagaraja  temple (Sundaramoorthy naayanar's favourite). A  special  copper plate called "yanthra " is placed in 3  stages under the Siva Linga.Vedic mantras are engraved in it. If a person who has incurred  heavy loss  in his business or life,goes there & worship with certain procedures,he is blessed with & regains his lost money with in some 2 to 3 years. This is practically happening. But the devotee who  is in debt should have earned his money in a rightful way without cheating anybody or government.Similarly there is a temple in Thirucherai near Kumbakonam.The deity is called "runa vimosana lingam" here  also.Runa vimosana  means relief from the debt.