Kancha malai Kalangi Siddhar

 Many  of you might have heard  about 18 Siddhars whom were well known across  South  India.Among them "Thirumoolar " is a mighty  Siddhar who is said to be present in B.C period. Actually,they are ever living people,(eternal)who have conquered death.Vallalar has said  about this in "Thiruvarutpa"songs.He has informed his devotees about this in an invitation letter publicly saying that he would disappear in  a shelf & asked his disciples to lock him on the Tamil month of Thai(Jan- Feb)on a full moon day  coming in  the star of Poosam(1874).He also told them that he would not be visible to their naked eyes if they open the shelf.After a few days,South Arcot district collector(British) ordered to open the doors of the shelf & could not find him.This was recorded in the gazette.However Vallalar assured his devotees he would be available in an invisible form & be always ready to help the true devotee.Thirumoolar is the  direct disciple of Sri.Nandhiheswarar(Personal aide of Lord Siva) who learnt  all the Sivagama Sastras from Lord Siva himself.Nandhi Devar taught this to true Siva devotees &Thirumoolar is one among them.He has written "Thirumandiram" a holy book which contains every thing that are required for a human life.He has even described the growth of child in a mother's womb. The intricacies of baby formation,   other details of physiology  of human beings,about diseases & cure like  a specialist doctor.                                                                                                 One day  a Guru & his aged disciple were camping in Kanjamalai (Salem  -Tamilnadu).They were in search of   a kaya kalpa medicinal plant  which is a rare herbal available in  hill areas only  that keeps  a man always young .Guru asked his  aged disciple to cook rice for the lunch & went for bathing near by stream.Even today you can find natural  streams flowing down from the hill even during hot summer.The disciple collected the dry firewood, & natural stream water.He lighted a fire ,boiling rice in a mud pot.After some minutes,he  picked up a stick near by & started stirring the  rice for some time  still it is fully cooked.Then he noticed that the  whole rice in the pot turned into black colour.Thinking that it should not contain any unwanted material for intaking,he wanted to test it before  offering it to his Guru.So he took  some cooked rice & tasted it.He found the taste normal except the colour.He was little bit worried & removing the black coloured rice,he prepared new rice for his Guru.On  return,Guru could n't found  his aged disciple & found  a young lad( இளம் பிள்ளை) near the spot where he left his disciple.He asked the young lad,where is the old man standing here gone.Then the lad  knelt  before his Guru & told him that it was him only.Now the Guru recognised his student & asked what he has done& how he has become all of a sudden younger.The lad replied that while cooking rice he  took a stick there to stir the  boiling rice & it went black.To confirm  it does n't contain any poisonous thing before offering it to you,i ate some rice  & found it normal.Now the Guru asked where he has poured the black rice &  ate some of  it.He also become very young & now both of them stayed in  a nearby place which is called "இளம் பிள்ளை " even today.The Guru is none other than Kalangi Siddhar  a direct disciple of " Thirumoolar".We  will see the remaining things in the next post.