Karadaiyan Nonbu - Celebration Procedure

Karadaiyan Nonbu is observed when the month of"Masi"ends & month of "Panguni" begins(Tamil Calender) .Planet Sun stays in one rasi in a month &travels 12 rasis in an year(Astrology).Starting from Rasi Aries in the  beginning of Tamil new year it reaches the rasi Pisces(மீன ராசி) in the Tamil year end.Thus from Masi to Panguni.Women both married & unmarried observe this fasting.Nonbu means observing fast.It is observed from the night of March 14th till 4.30A.M of 15th March.It is noted in Tamil calender as" மீன  ரவி ".Puja should be performed between 4 to 4.30 A.M on  15th March of this year.They should worship Goddess Gowri requesting Her to give their husband longer life without leaving them .This is for married women.Unmarried women would request Goddess to bless them with a husband with noble character & good culture.They would apply wet  turmeric powder in  a long thread (two numbers)place it before Goddess Gowri in Pooja room.Some would offer a sweet &  sour pie  made out of  raw rice floor & nine grains(pulses called நவ தான்யம் ). After performing the pooja,one should tie one sacred turmeric thread to Goddess Gowri & tie another one around their neck invoking  Goddess Gowri's blessings.After this married women used to prostrate before their husbands.Then they would say in prayer that I am offering you unmelting butter & one pie to you, my graceful Goddess bless me so that my husband is always united with me  & never desert  me & prostrate before Goddess. "உருகாத வெண்ணெயும் ,ஓர் அடையும் நோற்று உனக்கு நான்  வைத்தேன் ,எந்நாளும் என் கணவர் எனை விட்டு நீங்காத அருள் தருவாய் என்று  அம்மனை நோக்கி வேண்டி நமஸ்கரிக்கவும்.Now take the prasadam(pie) offered to Goddess & eat it ending the fast.


  1. We are very much happy to see your comment.My mother, mother in law all of them observed this Vradha .My wife,daughter in law & daughter observe this Nonbu.We''ll share other worship details in coming Posts.Our people settled in Singapore,Malaysia,U.S.A,Uk,Canada,France & other countries have built Temples & are celebrating all our festivals & worship very sincerely.


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