Nama japa ( Shiva & Vishnu mantra united )

Of all the four yugas Kali yuga is different.In other three yugas,you have to put very  hard work to see God by way of doing penance in various forms.Standing amid fire,water & secluded places you have to meditate God.In those days when  homam  or Yagam were performed by saints,God or particular Devatha appeared in the yagasala before saints when they completed the pooja & gave the boons to them.Similarly Lord Rama was born to King Dasaratha after he performed "putra kameshti yaga" with the help of Rishi Vasishta.Vedas  were taught in Gurukulas by Rishis.Even ruling Kings sent their princes to study Vedas.Dhanur  vidya (art of using bow & arrow in the battle field) was taught to the princes  by their teachers which also involves learning of vedha.In Dwapara  yuga Even God Avatar Krishna learnt these things from Sandeepani  rishi with his brother avatar Balaraman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But in Kali yuga, you need not go to forest or remote hilly places to perform penance  to  see God.Saints who came just 100 to 500 years ago advised mankind to tell God's name in your  mind whenever possible during your daily  activities(or doing nama japa).In many places,i have seen ads saying that  "dhyanam " is taught in Yoga classes.Yes , i agree that it is a right step in realising God in yourself.There are eight stages in achieving final stage as told in "Pathanjali yoga".Dhyanam is the seventh seventh  stage.One has to observe strict discipline including Satya(speaking always truth,not harming  or killing other living beings like sheep or cows,for a married man  to be always true to his wife like Sri.Rama) & finally observing  Brahmacharya.Both husband & wife should  be matured enough to do this.Without all of this following you can't reach the seventh stage "dhyanam".Don't think i  am threatening you with all these conditions in achieving your goal.Our well known saint "Thiruvalluvar" has weighed family life & renouncing in a same scale,( இல்லறம்  & துறவறம்).He says both are two equal god paths or அறம் before 2000 years ago itself.What we learn in  "dhyana classes" is "Dharanai" only starting stage of yoga  ,trying to focus on  a single object  say God.We are not going beyond this level of focusing few  minutes (even it is five minutes it is good).But the only main disadvantage  in  Kali yuga is a lot of attraction to media & thereby distraction in remembering God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     So reciting names of God(your favorite) in silence  is very good thing.If you sit in your pooja room in the morning or evening   telling or chanting slokas orally  after few minutes your mind starts to focus  on your favourite   God.Select a mantra nama like "Rama ,Govinda,Siva,Muruga".. There is no initiation  required for this .Repeat telling in your mind for many times like 108 times,300 ,500 & 1008  times gradually increasing.You can also recite    Panchatchara ( நமசிவய   or  astachara mantra நாராயண or Krishna,or Goddess name.If you select Rama nama -                                  நா( ரா ) ய ண  , ந (ம ) சி வ ய ,note that second letter in நா( ரா) ய ண  is ரா & second letter  in ந ம சி வ ய is ம .So this two letters are taken from Vishnu & Siva nama & is called "siva sakthi " mantra as Vishnu is called the symblol  of Goddess Sakthi also.What did our father of our nation did  during freedom struggle.He has been reciting Rama namas .He was in jail for more than 20  years for the sake of liberating all of us from the British Rule.He never stopped reciting Rama nama till his last breathe saying "Hey ,Ram".Please think this over.I hope you would agree with me. If you have a Guru & initiated  a mantra it is good to follow that.