Panguni uthiram 3rd April 2015

When  we think about "Panguni  Uthiram" two things come to our mind immediately.One is celebration of this festival all over Tamilnadu & other  foreign countries like Singapore,Malaysia,U.S.A,U.K,Canada & some  European countries where our Tamil people have settled.There is a special attachment to Lord Muruga in all these countries.Another one is 63 Naayanmar  festival celebrated at Mylapore Karpagambal - Kabaleeswarar temple in Chennai.When "Uthiram"star falls in Tamil month Panguni(almost on  full moon day or very close to that day) in March -April,this festival is celebrated.( Tamil year Jaya & 21st Panguni - Friday)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Panguni Uthiram festival in Murugan Temples :  The legend is that Saint Agastthiar's  disciple  Idumban (He was the only survivor after  annihilation of asuras by Lord Muruga.He surrendered to  Lord Muruga as per the guidance of  Sage Agasthya & forgiven by Lord Muruga).He was carrying two hills  in a pole supported on his shoulder from the north as per the instruction of his Guru Agasthya.He was coming towards south.He stopped in a place to take rest.When he tried to resume his journey,he could n't lift the hills.He found  a small boy standing in the hill with a kaubeenam (loin cloth)in his waist & asked to get down from the hill,for which the boy refused.Idumban tried to drive away the boy but in vain.Suddenly the small boy gave dharshan as Lord Muruga to Idumban & told he liked  that place  & wanted to stay there.It is also believed that Muruga  as a small boy came here in anger over the injustice done to him( When he & his brother competed to receive the mango).Goddess Parvathi & Siva requested him to accompany them,he refused.They said ,You are The fruit,பழம் நீ.From then onwards  that place  is called "Palani-பழநி ".Idumban requested Lord Muruga that devotees  who come there with Kavadi(a wooden pole with an arc like formation  decorated with peacock feathers carried in a shoulder.Sacred water,tender co co nut,cows milk contained in  a  small brass vessel,rose water,sugar  cane  anyone of these is attached  on both the ends) should have the blessings  of Lord Muruga & their sufferings in the life wiped out.Lord Muruga happily agreed to Idumban's request & told Idumban that all the devotees coming to worship him at Palani hill would worship Idumban first & then only they will have His  Dharshan.Till date  it is followed in all the  hill temples of Lord Muruga.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Even though Lord Muruga stands with a stick in his hand wearing small cloth symbolically showing the  people that they can't  posses any thing when they leave this earth & their intention should be seeking his holy feet,his devotees  decorate  him as a King,offer him milk ,honey, fruits & mixture of  all these called "Panchamirtham".They always want    Lord Muruga to give them  darshan as a King.On this day,sacred water is brought from  a Place called "Kodumudi"( where holy river Cauvery takes a ninety degree turn towards east.There is temple here for Lord Siva,Vishnu & Brahma  which is very rare.There is also  a temple for Lord Muruga here.Saiva saints Sambandhar,Appar &Sundharar have sung holy hymn Devaram here & also by Saint Arunagirinathar.All these written are about Kodumidi).   The  place   in the ground level at Palani is called "Thiruvavinangudi" the third camping place of Lord Muruga.The idol of Lord Muruga(in  hill temple of Palani) is made up of rare herbals by Sidhar Bhogar &  its abishega theertham(the water & other materials anointed on the idol)posses the rare quality of curing many diseases of human beings.On this day lot of kavadis are carried by  Lord Muruga's devotees & submitted to God Muruga.As requested by Idumban,devotees  burdens are lessened & finally wiped out.People take  a vow to take  a  kavadi on their shoulders,requesting Lord Muruga to solve their problems they are facing there in their life.Lord Muruga bless  his devotees by solving their  problems.Devotees  carry the kavadis to Murugan temples to show their gratitude . A music band with drums & nadhaswaram along with folk songs praising Lord Muruga  will be always accompanying devotees carrying  kavadi in addition to traditional dances like mayilattam & velattam.It is  believed that  Bhogar sidhar is  staying   in a cave near Murugan;s Sannidhi & also blesses the devotees thronging there.                                                                                                                                                                     After destroying Krouncha   mountain & Tharakasuran, Lord  muruga camps at "Thirupparankundram" near Madurai his first camping place. Devendran the leader of all devas & the  king of devalogam  offers his daughter to  Lord Muruga  in marriage to show his gratitude in saving   him from the devil forces (asuras)  & restoring his lost kingdom.Deiyvanai marries  Muruga here blessed by his parents Siva & Parvathi.The marriage takes on Panguni uthiram day.I,ll post about  "63 naayanmars festival" celebrated at Mylapore(Chennai) on this same day later.