Puja , worship in temple & home 5.

One of the Lord Siva's devotee wanted to build a Temple.He started to save money for the construction of the temple.During that time one Pallava King was ruling Thondai nadu region(Consisting of present day Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram,Arakkonam ,Tiruttani areas).Kanchipuram was it's capital then.The king is an ardent devotee of God  Siva.He wanted to construct  a magnificent temple with very good architecture &  dedicate to God.Mahendra Pallava has constructed Mahabalipuram rock cave temples in the sea shore very beautifully,which is attracting tourists world wide.Now our King has engaged very talented sculptors,experts in designing  temple & God's idols.As it is large construction work, it took number of months together to finish the work personally supervised by the king himself with his team of ministers.king consulted chief priests for the Holification of the temple & an auspicious day was selected.Before that Holification day the king had a dream in the night.God Siva appeared in his dream & asked the king to postpone the holy function of King's temple to some other day,as he has to enter a temple & honour his devotee Pusalar who has constructed a temple at Thiruninravur near by the King's capital Kanchipuram at  that particular day.After waking,king was surprised & decided to meet Pusalar & wished to  see also the temple he has constructed at Thiruninravur.                                                                                                                                            So he  reached Thirunindravur  with some of his ministers.He instructed his ministers to search for Pusalar.But they could not find him.When  they contacted some priests nearby,they pointed towards a person sitting in the shade of a tree.The king himself got  down from his chariot & approached Pusalar.He was sitting with his eyes folded.Owing to the disturbance around him,he opened his eyes & looked at the king.The king confirmed that it was Pusalar & told him that he wanted to see the temple he has constructed for God Siva & asked him where he has constructed the temple.He also told him  about the dream  in which Lord informed him about Pusalar's temple,asking him to postpone the holy function to some other day ,as God has to attend Pusalar's new temple function.Pusalar became emotional & was full of tears.Then he realised that God himself recognized his temple.He was full of joy.Then Pusalar told the Pallava King that he decided to  build a temple for God Siva & saved money.With  the meagre amount he has saved,he could n't build it.So started to build the temple in his mind.He first dig a tank near by the temple site,for the water use during construction.After that foundation work,First  a small shrine  for Vigneswara, step by step by step he constructed manadapas, moolasthanam for God,Goddess,Lord Muruga,Dakshinamoorthy,Durga,Sandigeswarar,Nandhi (Bull God) bali peeda,Flag  column & other  sannidhis required for the temple ,all being constructed in the mind which took  several days &  months together finally with Tall Tower as  entrance (Raja Gopura).After completing of the temple compound he invited Lord Siva,Goddess Parvathi & other Angels to be present in the temple with Yagasala  Pooja.When he finished telling this The Pallava King was in tears & happy to have such a citizen in his Kingdom.Soon this matter was declared publicly among the country men & Poosalar became well known among the public.Every one appreciated  poosalar for his worship  in the mind as many of us find it  difficult to concentrate mind for few minutes (சரண  கமலாலயத்தை  அரை நிமிஷ நேர மட்டில் தவ முறை தியானம் வைக்க அறியாத - திருப்புகழ் ) & also the frankness of the king in honouring Pusalar.Worshipping God in our mind(மானசீக பூஜை )is the best among worshipping & that could be started only after worshiping in temples for a longer period with sincere devotion like Pusalar(one among 63 Saiva Nayanmaar).I hope you would agree  with me.