Puja , worship in temple & home 7.

Sri.Mari chettiar & his friend Kandhappa Pandaram used to go  to Thiruporur Murugan Temple for "Krithigai"(an auspicious day for the devotees of God Muruga) from Chennai. regularly.The present day distance from  Muthialpet to Thiruporur is 45 kms.There is not much transport facilities during those days. They had to take a cart drive or walking to cover around 70 kms.They were returning from Thiruporur after worshipping God  Muruga.See whether we would walk such a distance to  go to a temple.They took rest on the midway in the shade of a neem tree.Soon they were asleep due to tiredness. They had a dream.God Muruga appeared in their dream & told them,why are you traveling long distance,while i am available here in this "Putru"(  a raised living place made out of earth mud with lot of air holes in which snakes & ants used to live).They woke up  & surprised to find a putru near by there.They immediately dug out &  found an idol of God Muruga(sculpture made out of good quality granite for worshipping purpose  by  a talented sculptor in temple architecture).They took the idol in there head as it is a Holy one &  to there residential area (Muthialpet - very near to Chennai central Railway station).It would have weighed more than their self weight.     Kandhappa Pandaram was a devotee of God Ganesha & had constructed  a small shrine for him.So they seated the idol of Muruga in that shrine.Now the younger brother has joined his elder.They started worshipping Muruga in that small shrine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Now  a temple has to be built for our Kumaran (Who is always young & handsome).Where is the land.One gentle man known as Muthu  Nayakar( A real gem among people) gave his garden  of flowers(nandhavanam) to construct the temple.Where is the money.In those days there were  not many rich persons  as now.When Mari chettiar was  thinking about  this ,his wife Aadhi Laxmi  gave all her gold jewels she was wearing(  a toughest job as for as Indian ladies are concerned) to this good cause & asked  her husband to start the construction work. There was no  stoppage of temple work  for want of money  then onwards.What a Holy lady.First, temple was constructed in brick work.After Muthukumaran came & resided there our Vallalar  came to that  temple & started to compose beautiful songs in tamil & sung "Garland of Gem"(Kindly refer my earlier posting " Garland of Gem") around nine years as a small boy during 1833.      Trade flourished in that area & became a big business centre till date . What ever material was chosen for sales ,there was great demand for that(no market study in those days). So traders community (vysyas) were happy & spent lot of money in celebrating Murugan  festivals.They switched over to granite from brick work .It became a famous temple during Mari Chettiars period itself . Maha Kumbabishegam was also performed .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     After Vallalar mentioned as "Kandha Kottam" in his Thiruvarutpa songs it is called "Kandha kottam " till date.Earlier it was called "Kandhasamy Koil". A team of devotees visited Kandha Kottam after returning from a long pilgrimage to Holy shrines,hearing about its fame.They were   from earlier Chola kingdom area consisting of old Tiruchi & Thanjavur districts.They told Mari  Chetiar ,you are having such a beautiful "Moola Vigraham"(normally  a fixed position of Granite idol) & we could n't find a  "  Urchava Moorthy"(An idol made out of five metals,with intricate finishing)called  "ஐம்பொன் சிலை".Fortunately we gave got one  with Muruga with his consorts  Valli & Deiyvanai, & you can keep it in this temple. This urchava moorthy is taken out in  a decorated chariot called "திருத்தேர்" made out of complete  good strong artistic  wood work .Sculptors  used to carve Purana Stories like mahabaratham,Ramayana & other Hindu  God's   in wooden panels that are assembled beautifully in the chariot.During festival times Chariot is pulled by lot of devotees  around four broad roads surrounding the temple. Elderly persons can have dharshan  of God from their home itself.This symbolically shows that God voluntarily reaches  each individual  provided if they sincerely long for it.Now Mari Chettiar & his friend Kandhappa Pandaram were doubly happy after receiving this idols  &  Decorated Muruga with his consorts were taken around festival times.Now trade also increased many fold.Now traders community thanked "Urchava Muruga "   for  coming & staying with them .Let me   share with you remaining things in my next posting. Thanking you all.