Puja , worship in temple & home 8.

Kandha kottam  Murugan temple began to expand more & more due to people worshipping there.So they felt the need of bigger urchava moorthy so that decorate Murugan with bigger size dresses & jewels & of course to his consorts also.They made a  panchaloka (made out of five precious metals)idol by casting  .This is very  similar to that of Moolavar(Original stone idol brought as s head load by the two founders).It is learnt that when  a sculptor tried to remove some small unwanted material in the casting with his chisel.he got swooned as  if shocked due to lightning.Nobody dared to clean after that incident.After some period a brahmin sanyasi who returned from Kasi,bathed our Murugan by chanting holy hymns(வேத மந்திரங்களினால்) for many days continuously,Murugan Idol became brighter & brighter & totally purified.On  Tuesdays special Abisheham (bathing God  with  milk,honey sandal paste, & other Abisshega materials)is performed .After that  during   dressing & decoration time, "Go Pooja" (worshipping of a cow with its calf) is done.After naivedyam(offering food to God)Deeparathana(worshipping  with beautiful lighted lamps)is done.At least we should try to be there once in our life time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This temple has a five floor tall main tower as its entrance. Idols for Vallalar,Pamban Swamigal,Thiruporur Chidambara swamigal , Vannacharabam Dhandapani Swamigal & Saint  Arunagiri  Nadhar  are  installed inside the  Prakara.Dhandapani swamigal is  a Tamil Poet.He has  composed beautiful songs about Kandha kotta Murugan.Inside the temple there is a big tank( திருக்குளம்) . As this is a big trading centre, area outside the temple will be noisy.But once you enter the temple & go in side there is silence.Once you approach the tank,you will forget noisy chennai city.Near by this temple  there is a small shrine for Ganesha.Do you remember Kandhappa Pandaram who built this small shrine & seated Muruga here for some time  before temple was constructed  for Muruga. Free offering of food for the poor is done daily. As Vallalar has praised Chennai city as a place of  charities  with abundance (தருமமிகு  சென்னையில்) in his songs, with Dhandapni Swamigal praising" பிழை தீர்ந்த சென்னையில் ஓர்  தாய் போல் ", let us pray Lord Muruga to keep all the cities in India to be crime free ,people not to forget our earlier discipline in coming time.