The power of illusion (maya).

Once Lord Krishna & Saint Narada were walking in a river bank.Suddenly Narada asked Bhagavan Krishna that he  wanted to know the power or strength of "Maya".Krishna did n't reply immediately.In stead ,he asked  Narada to fetch him drinking water as he felt  thirsty.The river was empty.Narada noticed a hut on the opposite bank of the river.Asking Krishna to wait, he rushed to the  other side of the bank.He found the door closed.He  knocked at the door.A young beautiful girl opened the door.On seeing her,Narada immediately asked about her father. She took him  to the back side of  the house where  her father was doing some house work.Narada after meeting her father told him that he very much liked her daughter & want to marry her.After looking at Narada for a while, her father thought he was a suitable groom for his daughter & agreed to marry her to him with one condition.That he should stay with him after marriage &  help him in cultivating his  lands.Narada agreed to this & he got  married to  that young girl.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As agreed, he stayed  there,helping his in law.On seeing his helping nature & affection towards her , the newly married girl loved her husband very much.They led a  happy married life.Soon a girl was born to them.Later boys & girls were born to them .Suddenly there was a heavy flood in the river.Water began to enter their house.It washed away bullocks ,carts everything in its way .Now Narada mounted one of his children around his head,another two in his  shoulders,one in his hip & caught hold of his  beloved  wife in a hand, tried to cross the  river to a safer place.As the flood water rose above his head level,his child in the head was carried away in the flood & also other children he was holding.He was holding strongly his wife's hand for some time.Now the flood force was so much ,he  was washed away towards the other side.When he stood up,he could n't find his wife & lost every dear ones in the flood.It was  a great shock to him,when he walked in the other river bank,Narada saw  Krishna standing before him  & asked for the drinking water.Now only   it all came into his memory that Krishna asked him to fetch drinking water ,how  he crossed the river.Now he knelt before  Krishna & asked him to free him from the clutches of "maya" . Krishna smiled at  Narada that he only asked  about  the strength of maya.Narada replied to him ,Enough Krishna, i 'll never ask about it .All born in this world are caught hold of  Maya.Only great saints  were able to  free themseves with  Bhagavan's grace.Vaishnava saint Nammalvar is called " sada Gopar" one who got angry towards" Jata  Maya" immediately on coming to this earth.பூமியில்பிறந்தவுடன்  "ஜட   மாயயைப்  "  பார்த்து , கோபித்ததால் திரு .நம்மாழ்வாருக்கு  ஜட கோபர் (சட கோபர் ) என்ற பெயர் வந்தது என்பர். If we surrender to God  completely,he will help us.How  Krishna is always helping Pandavas is well known to us . So we need not worry about maya & let us get hold of His lotus feet   strongly  as Saint   Manickavasagar  has said, சிக்கெனப் பிடித்தேன் -எங்கெழுந்தருளுவ  தினியே.