Ugadi,the new year day for India          name of thithi                day

1.               prathama                      first day

2.               divitya                           2nd day

3.               tritya                              3rd  day       

4.               chaturti                          4th  day                     

5.                panchami                      5th  day

6.                 sashti                            6th  day

7.                 sapthami                       7th day                

8.                  ashtami                        8th  day

9.n                navami                           9th  day

10.                 dasami                          10th day                   

1 1.                eka dasi                        11th day                   

12.                  dvadasi                         12th day                

13.                 trayodasi                        13th day                                                                                                                     

14.                 Chadurdasi                     14th day               

15th day is  full moon day  in brighter fortnight  & new moon day in darker fortnightEach month is divided into two paksas in all our states of India where we follow our own almanac(calender)irrespective of any region or language.Two fortnights.One is called Sukla paksa(brighter fortnight – moon gradually increases & reaches full moon) & another called Krsna paksa(darker fortnight – moon decreases gradually & becomes new moon or no moon.For calculating auspicious days & fixing wedding days,gruha pravesam(entering newly built house),starting new business or schools the sukla paksa or brighter fortnight is taken.In this also prathamai thithi or first day,ashtami & navami thithis are omitted.Our Hindu New Year’s Day falls on the first day of brighter fortnight of month Chaitra .This is “Ugadi for Andhra, Telengana & Maharashtra &  similarly  in other states  . This is based on the movement of  the moon or   lunar calender. In  Tamilnadu & Kerala they follow  solar calender based on sun .                                                                                                                                     On The New Year’s Day New Almanac  or Panchanga  book is placed in our Pooja Room.Sweet rice porridge  with friuts like bananas ,co co nut & betel leaves are offered to God .Neem flowers with jaggery & raw mango  made as a pickle  also included in the  offering . After performing Naivedyam  ,Panchangam is read for the near year forecasting .In olden days ,a brahmin priest is called to read &  explain the details & New Dress  is offered to him along with money.Repentance for the evil deeds committed whether knowingly or unknowingly      during the  past year- prayers for forgiveness &  going to a temple would  bring us blessings  from God . Taking neem flower  with jaggery  denotes symbolically life  contains both happiness & sorrow .We should treat them equally .     New dress is worn  on  the new year day & celebrated .                                                                           

In Sanskrit ugadi means starting of new yuga or period.Lord Brahma started creation of the universe on this auspicious day.He created days,weeks ,months & year to calculate the time & all other elements present in the universe.Panchanga shravanam is done at the temples by the priests.Priest tells the importance of the creator Lord Brahma before reading the panchanga.From Panchanga we come to know the prosperity of the new year.The strength & effects of the planets , stars & their transition is also predicted in the  panchangam.The priests are offered new dresses & money by the devotees.