Arumugan Ettukudi temple

Mutharaian,a king ruling Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam area was a devotee of lord Muruga. He wanted to construct   a temple for Arumugar at Poravacheri just one km from Famous Sikkal Singaravelan temple & 5kms from Nagapattinam.பொருள்  வைத்த சேரி (  a tiny village with rich people) became as Poravacheri. The king ordered the sculptor who made the idol of Arumugar, that it should not be an ordinary idol, it should be unique & should be the best in all Arumuga idols  that is worshipped. The sculptor replied to the king that he would sculpt a truly unique one.There is separate design calculation for each idol .For  a particular height, how much size of feet, waist, chest & head in a proportionate manner .Like Archakas(who studies veda & aagama sastras)   they  study temple architecture thoroughly & they are also highly respected. Before making the idol, they observe fasting & do meditation on that God for long period & visualise idol in their mind. Then only they start sculpting work. Similarly our sculptor started  making lord Arumuga idol .Thiruvasi(circular shaped arch behind idol),six heads(three in the front & three in the back)Murugan mounted on a peacock with two feet standing apart holding the whole weight of Arumugar idol  with Thiruvasi. It is really wonderful as if Arumugar coming alive & does not look like sculpture .The king was so much pleased to see Arumugar idol & he called the sculptor to his palace & when the sculptor returned from palace ,his thumb was cut & removed as per the king's instruction. The logic behind doing so is that the sculptor should not again make such a beautiful work. But the sculptor did n't bother about it .He again  made  a similar Arumugar idol for Ettukudi temple. When the sculptor opened the eyes of Peacock it started flying carrying Murugan, then immediately the sculptor hit the foot of the peacock, it landed in the ground. The sculptors  open the eyes of  the idol finally after finishing all the work. It is like giving life to the idol. When the news of this incident reached the king, the sculptor's eyes were removed.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Later the same sculptor makes  an identical   Arumugan idol near Tiruvarurur, where he got back both the eyes by the divine grace of Lord Muruga. That place is called Enkan(  எண்கண் ). Krithigai, panguni uthiram & Chitra Powrnami(full moon day coming in the Tamil month of Chittirai) Kandarsashti are the main festivals  celebrated at Ettukudi .Kavadi  is taken by the devotees  on their shoulders from  distant villages. Lord Muruga is in between Lord Shiva & Goddess Anandavalli & said to be  Somaskander. Sri.Valmiki Sidhhar is  facing Goddess Anandavalli. During Chitra Pournami & panguni uthiram festival time thousands of litres of milk is poured over Lord Muruga, Arumugar faces become white in colour & you can see his smiling faces clearly than in ordinary days .Ettuukkudi is around 20 kms away from Nagapattinam & also  near to Mother Mary Church at Velankanni. Sapta vidangar Thiagaraja temples at Tiruvaymoor & Tirukkuvalai are near by. It is  a small beautiful village surrounded by paddy fields , rivers & tanks. Saint Arunagirinadhar has sung  Thiruppugazh songs here.(ஓங்கும்  ஐம்புல).Wish you all viewers happy  Tamil New year( அனைவருக்கும் எனது இனிய ,மன்மத  வருட  தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்).Top 2 photos & bottom one from "Arunanagiriarin Adichuvattil" authored by Sri.Ramasheshan &R.Krishnan with thanks)

 Ettukkudi Velavan(source of photo from Kalki Magazine authored by Sri.Rahavan  A.S With Thanks)