Atchya thrutheeyai 21st April 2015.

Atchaya thrutheeyai is celebrated on coming 21.4.2015,Tuesday."Atchaya"means increasing in Sanskrit.Thrutheeyai means third day after new moon or full moon day.This is  celebrated in "sukla paksha" or increasing moon period.This is the day when Lord Krishna saved Draupathi, in Dhuryodhana's palace when Duchadana tried to remove her sari.This is also the day ,when Krishna gave" atchaya patra" a special vessel( which would offer food  to any number of persons)  to Panadavas  during their hiding life period in the forest.If we donate dress,money or things to people that they do not  have, or food to  very poor people,that good deed would fetch you  a lot of  good things(thousand times) in your life.Donating to elderly vedic scholars,offering curd rice in silver vessel to temples & elders including offering of  lighted silver ghee  lamps would also bring lot of good things.Helping poor girls at this day would also bring good fortune.When Pandavas were in exile,they were staying in the forest.This is the final phase of their exile period.Duryodana wanted to put them in an awkward situation .He requested Sage Durwasa & his 100 disciples to go to the forest to meet Panadavas & enquire about their well being.He was only pretending.Without knowing this Durwasa & his disciples went in a midday & met Pandavas.They told them  that they are hungry & would like to have lunch there after bathing in the river near by.Now Draupathi & Pandavas prayed  to Krishna to help in this difficult situation.Krishna appeared before them & came to  know that they have to provide lunch for 100 persons all of a sudden.This not  the palace where  earlier they lived.If they do not provide lunch,then they have to incur the curse of Durwasa(If any thing goes wrong,Durwasa used to curse ).Duryodana's thinking was that unable to feed them,  Pandavas would  be certainly cursed.Now Krishna asked to bring the Atchaya  Patra ,he gave earlier to them.But Draupathi, cleaned it & kept it upside down.Once  it is cleaned, it is  possible to  get food from the vessel in the  next day only.So Pandavas were very much worried.Draupathi brought  the atchaya patra & gave it to Krishna.Krishna noticed a small food particle sticking in the vessel.He took it & put it in his mouth.By this time,Durvasa & his men finished bathing & when they got up,they had a strange feeling as if they had a stomach full of  lunch.So they decided  not to go to Pandava's place  as they could not eat now.They just wanted to skip & left the forest.This is all because of Krishna.He laughed & told Pandavas that Durvasa would not come there.So Duryodana's bad intention was defeated by God.dear viewers , you can view our postings from "Thatha",Kolam  &other articles hereafter.Please give us your feed back.


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