Ava dootha swamigal( Sri dattatreya parampara ) part 2

Sri.Krishna moorthy(Sri.Swayamprakasa Swamygal's  poorvasira name)was born to Sri.Ramaswamy Sastrigal & smt Janaki on 28.11.1871,Tuesday as a 4th son.He had 3 elder brothers & 2 sisters . Their village name is "Kalpattu" around 11 kms from Thiruvennainallur( Where our Sundaramoorthy nayanmar was blessed by Lord.Shiva.).Ramasamy sastrigal was  an expert in Vedhas & Sastra.In those days , they  don't have permanent salary for teaching vedhas.Due to failure of rain, famine struck & Sastrigal  has to migrate to Aduthurai near Tiruvidaimarudur.Krishnamoorthy studied at a school in Tiruvidaimarudur.Later he studied in a high school at Kumbakonam.He learnt English there .He completed matriculation  at Tiruvanandapuram.As he felt sanskrit he has learnt in the school is not sufficient, he was in search of  a good Sanskrit scholar & with God's grace he got Sri.Narayana sastri as his Guru.He was en expert in Sanskrit,Veda sastra & advaitha    philosophy.He was also expert in some other  languages.He was also good orator.He was an  editor of  magazine called "brahmavidya" in which  he wrote  about  sanadhana dharma.Krishnamoorthy studied Sanskrit & sastras very well    &  got cleared all doubts that arose during his studies .Knowing his involvement in studies of sastras & his high level of obedience,The Guru taught him very well.He also studied Devaram,Thiruppugazh,Thayumanavar songs ,Thirukkural & Thiruvarutpa.It is said that a student acquires one fourth  of knowledge from his teacher,one fourth from his own effort,one forth  from students studying with him.Another one fourth in course of time.While his affection towards God & vairagya for leading  saintly life was growing,his parents wanted their son to get a GOVT.job.He was an  ardent admirer of Lord Nataraja.Soon he got a govt.job at Salem with  a salary of fifty rupees.That is a very good salary in those days & sufficient to lead a married life.He felt overloaded in  performing his duties as clerk,yet he would tell himself that by doing such a hard work,his karma would soon come to an end.He was matured enough to renounce this world around 20 years.After finishing most of his work,he would enter in to Dhyana.His collegues understood his longing for divine life,some times accompanied his higher officers in place of him.he began to dislike his job as he wanted to leave the worldly activities.Meanwhile his salary was raised & fixed as 60 rs per month.So many persons known to his father including relatives approached his father & sought  his permission for marrying their daughter to him.So his parents as well as  his elder brothers asked him to get married.He was transferred to Chennai.His two brothers became experts in Veda Sastra(கனபாடிகள் ) & one became teacher.They reached Chennai & persuaded him for marriage & stayed there for 4 days.                                                                                                                          Then they told him that they have spent some 3000 rupees for his education & he should repay them that amount if he did n't  agree to marriage,just to prevent their brother from becoming a sanyasi.Krishnamoorthy  began to conduct bhajans on Ekadasi & fullmoon days at his residence with some devotees.Krishnamoorthy promised his brothers that he would save Rs 3000  & they should not compel him to marry  & told also that if they begin to compel again ,paying back of the amount would not  be honoured.Do it as you like,with that his  brothers left (in anger) .Let us see  how  Krishnamoorthy meets the challenges ahead in his life in coming post .