Ava dootha Swamigal ( Sri.Dattatreya Parampara)

Saint Athri & his wife Anusuya devi were leading a life as per the guidelines of our sastras.Saint  Narada coming to know about this ,communicated about their saintly life to Lords Shiva,Vishnu & Brahma.They came to the earth & met Anasuya Devi.She immediately thought of her husband Athri maharishi.He informed her through dhyana power that Three Gods (மும்மூர்த்திகள்) have arrived to their asram & advised her to worship them & offer the biksha (offering  food  to sadhus or saints) properly & get their blessing.Anasuya Devi was very much happy to receive them  & performed all the activities  well & successfully won the test enacted by three  Gods.Gods in turn appeared  before her & asked her to seek  a boon.Anasuya requested that three Gods to be born to them(Athri  maha rishi  & herself).They got a child with Brahma,Vishnu & Shiva united & that child is called Sri Dattatreya.Sri .Dattatreya, born to this holy couple is the Adhiguru or the first Guru to this universe & those saints  follow "Dattatreya " are called Avadoothas.They completely renounce this worldly activities,wander to nook & corner of this world,show the right path to mankind.You can find their way of life as spelt out in Bhagavat Geeta.As they have been wandering always,they don't take  bath,don't wear any dress & took whatever food offered to them, many time have to bear the torture of some people who mocked at them  & even  thrown stones at them,tied them  with rope & even beaten them.They silently tolerated all this.Later people understood them  & rushed to them seeking blessing & good life for them.Sri.Shirdi Baba is one among them.In south India there was no temple  for Dattatreya.One Avadootha  saint called  Swayamprakasa Swamigal first built  a temple for Sri.Dattatreya at a place called  Sendamangalam 11 kms from Namakkal & around 36 kms from  Salem.You can  view the Kolli hills from  this temple where earlier Sri.swamprakasa swamigal performed hard Penance.Today is the birthday of his Disciple Sri.Santhananda Swamigal being celebrated at Skandaramam,Salem.Earlier i have mentioned about this in my previous posting"gopooja" Thanks to Sri.Satguru Santhananda Swamigal Trust,Chenai,Sri.Swayamprakasa Guhalayam ,Dattagiri,Senndamangalam & Sri .Bhuvaneswari avadootha vidya peetam-Pudukkottai.We 'll go through the life histories of Sri.Swayamprakasa swamigal, Sri.Sadasiva bramendra swamigal(Pudukkottai) & Sri.Santhananda swamigal(Salem - skandasram) in coming postings.