Ava dootha swamigal - Swayamprakasa swamigal

Krishnamoorthy's father sent his  son Guruswamy ganabadigal to Chennai again for the marriage proposal received from their relative.He stayed there for 4 days  in vain.Finally before leaving Chennai,he took a  small metal pot containing water to pour over his brother's head  in anger.Now Krishnamoorthy told his brother,recite Purusha Suktam & pour the holy water.(ஸு + உக்தம் =  ஸுக்தம் ) Suktam means "well said"- நன்றாக சொல்லப் பட்டது.This is one of the  important Veda mantra daily recited in Hindu tradition.Purusha  Suktam is common in Vedas.Purusha Suktam contains Samhithai(prayers to all Devas),Brahmanam(details of yagnas ),Aaranyakam(upanishads - research of conclusive truth).This  starts with praising  the glory of God.Tells about the creation of lives & universe.Finally tells how a jeevan crosses ignorance (includes the  guidelines with reasoning)  & realizes God .Now ,Krishnamoorthy tells his brother that he can collect  five hundred rupees in his bank balance & as his brother does n't honour the promise (should not compel him to marry) & leave him.He will not pay the remaining 2500  Rs. Next day he resigned his job & thought he has taken the first step in renouncing this world.Those who want to know more  about suktams & veda mantras, can refer book "veda manthirangal" authored by Swamy  AasuDoshannandar(Sri.Ramakrishna mutt,Chennai).                                                                               As  he became a  determined & matured man at his age of twenty(Gnana vairagya),Holy place Kasi appeared in his mind  in seeking Guru to realise his ideal. This is similar to that of the great desire of Swami  Vivekananda,who questioned the well educated people,whether they have seen God.None could stop .How , a great saint  like Vallalar was compelled to marry  in his life . Now let us see how our Krishnamoorthy is going to face the trial . As  he has not yet received Sanyasa Deetcha in his life  history,I am  writing his name with utmost respect in  me.They are such great people whom i can't stand near,only thing is the satisfaction of sharing a few things with you.Knowing the life history  of great saints itself is the first step towards realising of God.I hope you would agree with me.Krishnamoorthy reached Kasi by walking all the way from  chennai.See his determination.After  taking a holy dip in  Ganga ,  worshiped     Goddess Visalatchi , God Viswanatha   & Annapoorani  he stayed there.His only prayer to God was that he should be blessed with a Guru who could guide him to renounce this world & realize God.His prayer was soon answered.There he met Tiruvannamalai Dakshinamoorthy Swamigal.Dakshinamoorthy swamigal understood the Vairagya & maturity of  the young lad & accepted him as his disciple.He learnt    Veda  sastra  from his Guru very well & got cleared all the doubts arose  during his studies.He was also observing silence & brought into his mind,what are all he learnt from  his Guru.Three years passed .He also  served another Mouna guru swamigal for six months & returned back to Sri.Dakshinamoorthy swamigal.Meanwhile Krishnamoorthy became very weak  due to some illness & his parents & brothers came to Kasi & asked him to return with them.He told them with in 96 days he would reach Aduthurai & sent them back .  One day he requested his master to initiate him into Sanyasa immediately.His Guru  replied that he is very much eligible to follow  sanyasa ,provided he  gets the permission from his parents.Now Krihnamoorthy was shocked to hear this from his Guru & told him that his parents would not permit him.He began to blame himself for the karmas he has acquired & so much worried that  he could n't renounce.His Guru advised him to write a letter to his parents seeking their permission.Hesitantly he  wrote a letter seeking their permission.His guru further told him that God is very much concerned about his sincere request & that he should not worry about this.Soon his father wrote  a letter to Krishnamoorthy asking him to return immediately & further they can discuss everything in person.He also wrote  a letter to  Dakshinamoorthy swamigal  not to grant him Sanyasa to the great shock of  Krishnamoorthy.Now his Guru advised him to return to Aduthurai.Krishnamoorthy knelt before his Guru & thanked him for  learning the sastras  from him  & He  is in very much debt to him.Swamigal blessed him & gave him Vibuthi telling that with permission from his parents he can obtain sanyasa from one of  the saints in Tamilnadu  & He was sure that God Viswanatha would be with him  always & guide him.After some time Krishnamoorthy  reached  Aduthurai at an early morning.There he saw the whole village in a sad mood  & learnt that his father has expired.The relatives  & villagers asked him to  join in the last ritual.But he refused saying that he has already renounced  & every one blamed Krishnamoorthy  for his father's death.But one learned sastri told them that because of him only  his father reached Brahmalogam & advised them not to blame him.It was exactly the 96th day  he reached  Aduthurai.
In the centre photo- Sri.Swayamprakasa Swamigal,In the left sitting in padmasana is his Guru Sri.Sadasiva Brahmendra Swamigal(Pudukkottai) & in the right side is his  disciple Sri.Santhananda Swamigal(Salem - Skandassramam).Top Photo is entrance  of Sri.Dattatreya Temple built by  our swamiji,Dattagiri Murugan temple, & also his Adhistanam.Thanks to omsrikandhasramam.org for the photos of Avadootha Swamigals.