Kanjanur Agneeswara Swamy Temple ( Sukra sthala )


Kanjanur karpagambigai – Agneeswara swamy temple is 18 kms  away from kumbakonam(Kallanai  - poombugar road) in East & 20  kms  west of Mayiladuthurai. It is one of the navagraha sthala.If planet Sukra(venus) is in a weak position in one’s horoscope , they & have to worship here.Sukra is called “kalasthra karagan”  denoting wife & married life in  male’s horoscope.He is the ruling planet of taurus,Libra(rishaba & thula) in the 12 zodiac signs.He is with full power  in pisces (Meena) & becomes weak in virgo( kanni).He is giving  a comfortable  wealthy life, all the things required in married life,own house,vehicles & good servants.In certain horoscopes,minor short comings called  “dosha” can be rectified in worshipping in the concerned temple built by our saints & kings.This is true.You can see the most celebrated leaders both in politics as well as cine field visiting this temples.While churning the milk of ocean under the guidance of Lord Vishnu,Devas did n’t keep the promise of sharing the medicine of thwarting away the death (Amrudham) with Asuras.This  i have explained in my previous posting “importance of pradosham,posted on march 18th 2015.Now asuras seek the help of their Guru Sukrachariar ,shortly called as Sukra.He has done penance & got boons from Lord Shiva & is said to be son of Brahma Devar(God of creation) & is occupying important place  in nine planets.He knows the Amrudha  Sanjeevi” manthra which restores  the life of dead ones.Bruhaspathi ,Guru of devas is not  aware of this manthra.Sukra then curses devas including God Vishnu,they lose their power.Devas now approach Veda Vyasa who in turn took them to asura Guru Sukra.He directs them to reach Kanjanur in the earth & asked to do penance in that holy place seeking the blessing of Lord Shiva & Goddess Karpagambigai.Here holy river Cauvery is flowing from  south towards north “uthharavahini” as in Kasi. Duing that period some vaishnavites began to hate Lord Shiva worship & degrading “Saiva path”.Lord Vishnu does not like this as there is no difference between Saiva &Vaishnava philosophy as both are helping to realise ultimately God.So He is taking birth  in vaishnava agrahara in kanjanur.He is named as Sudharsanar by his father Vasudeva.When Sudharsana began to speak ,he first spelt “Siva-Siva” & began to worship Goddess Karpagambigai & God Agneeswara.In due course “upanayanam’'was done  & he was instructed to   recite Gayatri manthra &  go to only Vishnu temple & as per their Vaishnava practice.Sudharsana in the afternoon itself started to visit Shiva temple.Angered by this his father drove the boy away from his house.Sudharsana went to Shiva temple,witnessed Siva pooja,hearing Siva Namas,slept there in the temple.Now God Dakshinamoorthy appeared before him ,taught him all Veda sastras & Dharma paths & called him as “Haradatta”.Next day,Haradatta took a holy dip in Cauvery,worshipped at Shiva temple & returned back to his home.He wore “vibuthi” in his fore head & garland of Rudratcha  looking like  a perfect devotee of Siva.He told his father that Shiva is the ultimate God quoting  from  Veda sastras .Unable to tolerate this his father challenged him that could he  say this standing in  a red hot iron plate in Lord Varadharaja temple at Kanjanur.The son accepted his father’s challenge.Next day standing in  in  a hot iron plate as directed by his father in the presence of elderly brahmins,priests, he again quoted Veda sastras & told them about the importance of Lord Shiva.He was not affected by the hot iron plate instead God Agneeswara appeared before them in  the Vishnu temple ,blessed  Haradattar.Because of Haradatta  all got the dharshan of Uma Maheswara.There after every one began to respect Haradatta.He cleared all doubts in sastras & Vedas as Dakshinamoorthy himself taught him all  Vedas. Let us see further history of this temple in coming posts.Sukra is giving dharshan with his consort.In the top  Karpagambigai & Agnneeswara.Madurai Adheena kartha is in  the sitting pose.Thanks to Madurai Adheenam.