Life history of Swayamprakasa Swamygal concluded

Sri.Swayamprakasa swamigal was not interested in performing miracles. When he was staying in Sendamangalam some times,he  would  go to Shiva temple.On the way is other religious people staying.Since he was not wearing dress, they started  beating him.When somebody advised him not to go through that  street,they told them they are  doing sin & it won’t affect him,   saying this boldly he again  went through that road.He was sitting  under bannian tree near there &  people  came on that way worshipped him & said that he is  Sri.Dakshinamoorthy God   himself.One day somebody threw stones over him & he got injured in his throat.After  sometime those who pelted stones at him died fighting with themselves.He was passing through the agraharam.He asked someone there that he  was hungry  & buy some idlys in a hotel there.That gentleman took our swamigal there & gave  two anas  to the owner & they served 8 idlys.Swamigal ate them & again asked for idlys.He was asking for more & more idlys & later there were no idlys left in the hotel.Every one began to talk about this.Swamigal was standing upIMG_0772[1]side dIMG_0778[1]owIMG_0775[2]n in the flagstaff of Thiruvalangadu temple for three days doing penance near Aduthurai.Shankarandar joined our Swamigal at the age of 12 & he has been with  him till the end.He would take care of feeding swamigal.Swamigal would  suddenly go to Namakkal(11 kms from sendamangalam) ,Shankagiri & Thenkaradu,without informing  his disciple.shankarandar would pursue him where ever he was & fed him.Sometimes  swamigal made himself unapproachable to Shankarandar,but his disciple would not mind this & always  served his Guru unquestioning.He had many disciples both family men & sanyasi. As i have said in my previous post ,Sri .Santhanada swamigal played major role taking swamiigal’s instruction very earnestly in  developing Pudukottai adhishtanam & Sendamangalam temple.Our swamigal selected his place (adhishtanam) & instructed his disciples to place him directly below Sri.Dattatreya sannidhi in the first floor.Our swamigal entered into maha samadhi on 29th Dec 1948.Sri.Santhananda swamigal built a Murugan temple to the right side of Swamigal’s Adhishtanam & consecrated on 20.1.1983.Later Santhananda swamigal built huge  hall in the bottom of the Dattagiri hill & provided Sri.Heramba    Ganapathi..Sri. Iyappa,Sri.Dakshinamoorthy,Sri.Panchamuga anjaneya ,Sri.Karuppanna Swamy,Sri.Idumban,Sri.Datta Gangai & named it as Sri .Dattagiri Murugan Saba Mandabam.(consecrsted on 28.1.1985)