Swayam prakasa swamigal history (with photos of Sri .Dattatreya Temple & surroundings)

Sri.Swayamprakasa Swamigal stayed only 3 days at Kanapettai after he took Sanyasa.He later went to Tiruvannamalai,worshipped Goddess Unnamulai & Swami Arunachala.He met Sri.Ramana  maharishi &   both w

ere doing penance under  a mango tree in the hill.Owing to the disturbance from his relatives,he came to Salem & was arrested by police & brought before  a judge for charging him under public nuance(being naked).Advocate Krishnasami iyer( mettu theru) told the judge,that he is  a saint following tradition of ava dootha ,harmless & he should be released.Judge immediately asked the concerned authorities to release  him. He stayed  in the residence of the advocate for sometime & many people came to him & got his blessing.Later  Swamigal moved to  a cave in  Sendamangalam Sanyasi  Karadu( a small hill) .Many saintly people used to stay there & did penance.Opposite to this in the eastern direction is Kolli Hill.Swamy  used to go there & observed penance.For some days he was wandering  in all parts of kolli hill .One girl  of that area went missing & public  including officials  tied him & began to beat.One revenue inspector found this & stopped them from beating Swami, took with  him  & applied medicine  all over his body.Some people realised his saintly nature & offered him food ,water when he walked     through   their villages & blessed by swamigal . Due to the unfortunate incident at kollimalai,Swamigal wanted to enter into Nirvigalpa samadhi( remaining in meditation without any feeling of the body -   Sri.Ramakrishna paramahamsar often went into this state & return to normal after a long time)    & leave this  earth.Some of his devotees  took initiative, brought swamigal to the sendamangalam cave.They provided  a door to the cave & one Nayana malai konar took the responsibility of looking after our swamigal.Feeding the Swamigal & safeguarding him from outside disturbance was taken care of.One day swamigal after  entering the cave ,asked  Konar to lock the door &not to disturb him.He remained there for a  a number of days without even taking food.When Salem sub collector learnt about this he ordered his staff to break the lock & opened the cave.Swamigal was found in sleeping position.He was brought outside in the same position as the cave is very narrow.After sometime swamigal sat up as if waking from sleep.He  looked like a skeleton.After finding swamigal in normal condition,sub collector knelt before swamigal & asked his pardon.He would remain in the cave  for  three months & wander around in Kolli hills for a month.Some times Swamigal would remain locked in the cave,But people would see him at the sametime in kolli hills.He stayed in Sendamangalam for two years.Later he started visiting towards north ,visited Kasi,Badrinath & Himalayas.He travelled widely  all over in India & Nepal visiting   holy places. After spending 17 years outside,he retutrned back to Sendamangalam.Long range of Hill is Kolli Hill.