Swayamprakasa Swamigal renovating Pudukottai Adhishtanam

When Swamigal was visiting north he stayed in Badrinarayanam for  few days & doing meditation near the cave of Sri.Dattatreya.One day Sri.Dattaytreya appeared in his dream & instructed him to construct a temple for Him in the south where there is no temple for Him & also to spread Guru bakthi there(during his 17 years outing).After returning from north to Sendamangalam,devotees  started to construct the temple.An Idol of Sri.Dattattreya was sent there by one of the devotee.Sri Dattatreya temple was consecrated on  29.5.1931 on the same year of  his birth(Tamil year-Prajorpathi)at his 60 th year. In the south side there was difference of opinion among vaishnavites & saivaites.So worshipping them would unite them was the thinking of saints.In  all Dattatreya idols,in the center ,there would be Vishnu face, here our Swamigal arranged Shiva face in the center.Housing Vimana is of Maha meru type.Four vedas representing the four pillars.In the pillars Dattareya prampara Ahi guru,God Vinayaka,God Muruga & Goddess Durga are engraved.It is an wonderful experience in a holy place where great saint  like our Swamigal lived  & worshipped. This thinking always elevates our mind to a pure  level.Right below the Dattatreya Sannidhi is our Swamigal's Adhishtanam.He is giving darshan to us in sitting pose ,we feel his presence & looks smiling towards us.Prasadam of Vibuthi anointment over him is considered very auspicious.He is facing east.Dattagiri Murugan is facing south majestically & opposite  to his Sannidhi Sri.Chakra is provided.In the eastern side is Kolli hill's range.Many people from Salem,Tiruchi  have contributed in the construction of the temple.Our  swamigal had many disciples.Sri.Shankaranandar sri.Thurianandar,Sri.Nijanandar,Sri.Thuriasivam,Sri.Niranjananandar,Salem kannurpatti venkitaramaiyar,Sri.Sukanandar  & sri.Abayanandar &Sri.Sivanandar.Sri.Santhananda swamigal &Sri Krishnananda swamigal are the two special disciples of later years.Sri .Santhananda swamigal  as per  Swamigal's instruction built the present day Pudukkottai Bhuvaneswari matha Temple& Our swamigal's Guru Sri.Sadasiva Bhrammendra Swamigal.s adhishtanam in a grand manner.Earlier his Guru obtained Nirvikalpa samadhi at Shiva temple  in Narthamalai,He was brought to Pudukottai.His class mate in law college &  Diwan of Pudukottai Samasthanam Sri.Venkataramadasa naidu told about the greatness of Sri.sadasiva Bhrammendra Swamigal to the  king of pudukottai samasthanam & public & allotted  the land for judge Swamigal's adhishtanam in Pudukottai & adhishtanam was constructed in which Judge swamigal was placed.Nithya pooja was conducted & public visited the adhishtanam .Later it was neglected  & became a waste land & there was  no trace of adhishtanam.Unfortunately when the land was bought & registered  for constructing the adhishtanam, it was not registered    in  Tamil   & later the same land was sold to a private party .                                                                                                                                                                         Now our Swamigal doing meditation in his cave  in   Dattagiri , found the bad condition of his Gurunathar's  adhishtanam & travelled in night time to Pudukottai to escape from public's eye as he is an ava dootha .After reaching his Guru's adhishtanam he meditated there for three days & returned back to Sendamangalam after lighting a lamp in  his Gurunathar's adhishtanam. After some days the thoughts   about the  adhishtanam rose  in some of the devotees  & began to search for it.Unable to find it,they approached Swayamprakasa Swamigal at Sendamangalam.Now Swamigal was very much happy that his thinking of renovating his Gurunathar's Adhishtanam is getting shape,He told the identity of his gurunathar.s adhishtanam   to his disciple Sri.Shankaranandar & sent him to Pudukottai  . Later they found it ,digged some feet below earth level & found the Adhishtanam covered by earth.Now they began to take steps to restore it.Sri.Padmanaba sastry,  retired judge has purchased the adhishtanam land.It was decided to re renovate the adhishtanam under the leadership of Sri.P.V.Ragunathayyar,retired judge.All the works were  done properly & Our Swamigal Went to Pudukottai ,fixed a Mahalinga in his  Gurunathar's adhistanam & consecrated on 31.5.1936 in a grand manner with Veda mantras.Photo shows the Sri Dattatreya Sannidhi in the top &Swayamprakasa Swamigal Adhistanam at the bottom & vedic scholars performing Sri.Rudra Japam.(Sendamangalam)