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Aadi perukku, Aug 3rd Saturday

Aadi perukku procedure

"Aadiperukku" (ஆடிப்பெருக்கு - பதினெட்டாம் பெருக்கு ) is celebrated in the month of July - August,in the 18th day of Tamil month ஆடி.This year it falls on 3rd July.Normally Tamil month Aadi is considered very sacred in the South.Goddess Mariamman is worshipped in all places.During the Fridays of this month,special poojas are conducted in the temples glorifying Goddess sakthi.Temple festivals are conducted in both Shiva & Vaishnava temples.During 18 th day, idols ( உற்சவ மூர்த்தி )are decorated in a grand manner with flower garlands & taken in a procession to a near by river.sprinkling of holy water from the river is carried out with devotion.(தீர்த்தவாரி).During 1960 in my early child hood days, i have participated in these festival.We used to decorate a small wooden vehicle with 4 wheels covered like a temple tower (சப்பரம்),place a small idol in it , tying with a rope,drew it to the river bank.In the school also teachers & students make a vehicle in a bigger…

Vayalur Murugan ( Arunagirinathar' s favourite )

Saint Arunagirinathar after getting the blessing of God Muruga at Tiruvannamalai sings first Thiruppugazh song "Muthaith tharu" as spelt out by God muruga  himself.After that he has been meditating  on Lord Muruga for some time.He comes to viralimalai.Then Muruga directs him to come  to Vayalur, a village 10 kms away from Tiruchi city.Muruga instructs Arunagiriyar to continue to compose  & sing thiruppugazh.When Arunagiriyar hesitates & asks how to compose  thiruppugazh,Muruga drives away all the unwanted  desires & memories in his mind, teaches him "gnana".God asks him to compose about praising his peacock,garland of kadambu worn by him,his powerful weapon of spear,his cock,his twelve shoulders,his lotus feet & holy place "sey pathi"(செய்ப் பதியும் - செய் - நஞ்செய்  வயல்  நிறைந்த   - பதி - ஊர் -வயலூர் ) in Thiruppugazh songs. Arunagirinathar was so much delighted by this instruction & it is also learnt that Muruga   inscribes Pranava  Manthra "AUM"(ஓம் )in  his tongue with his spear.Then onwards Great  rithmic highest poetic order of songs  of Thiruppugazh started to  come out  of him.No one  could match his poetic talent till date.In addition to Thiruppugazh,Kandhar A lankaram,Kandar Anubuthi & Vahuppu were sung by him.He tells how human mind & senses always caught in pursuit  of,worldly desires.Starting from a baby,becomes  a lad,how one earns money, how he misbehave with elders,how he ends his life  with incurable diseases ,because of neglecting God.As  a person   very much interested in  saving human, he shows the ways to be adopted  in leading a good life & realising the purpose of  human being coming to this earth.He travels  in foot to all over Tamilnadu & temples in other states also,spreads out Murugan's message in 15th century Ac.Even though he has composed more than sixteen thousand songs,only some one thousand four  hundred songs are available now .                                                                                                                                                                           Vayalur is also called  " Kumara Vayalur  ".Arunagirnathar first praises God Vinayaga & then praises Muruga.He also includes God Shiva,Goddes Parvathi.God Vishnu & his consort Mahalaxmi.Lord Brahma &Goddes Saraswathi.Ramayana,  Mahabaratha  purana stories    in  his songs.Some members of Tiruppugagh bhajan team  visits Vayalur Murugan in the year 1930.Then the temple required renovation.A lot of amount  & hard work is required.One member of the team offered half  a rupee( eight ana)to the temple priest there.It is considered to be more than hundred rupees in the present day value.On that night Murugan  appeared in  a dream of  the temple trustee(sri.Radhakrishna chettiar) in  a dress of a sanyasi & asked him ,could he renovate the temple by half a rupee in an authenticated voice.Next day the trustee rushed to vayalur temple in  a bullock cart & enquired the priest if someone offered half rupee to them & one priest told that he had received.The  trustee got the money from the priest & sent  it to the gentle man's address through money order(Post & telegraph dept).The gentle man got puzzled & when he visited Vayalur three months later met the trustee who returned back the money.The trustee told the gentle man about the dream he had & requested the the gentle man to help renovate the temple.The gentle man is none other than Thirumuruga kirubananda variar.He first hesitated & returned to Tiruchirapalli without commitment to their request. .Later he was persuaded by three other  persons to start the work.Then Variar Swamigal began to travel all over  Tamilnadu & began to give discourses.Donated all the money he got to the noble cause.On the inagural day of the renovation work,Variar  swmigal requested Sri.Duraisami nadar to bear the expenses of whitewashing,which he accepted even though he was a stranger to him.One of the devotee took care of spending to build  small vimana.A lady from Tiruchi(Smt.Amrithamma) donated an idol of  Saint Arunagiri.Variar Swamigal gave  discourses continuously for 3 days & ten days without loudspeakers.Renovation work was completed with in 21 months successfully.So Variar Swamigal was later called 21st century Arunagirinathar.As saint Arunagiri was blessed in this place specially,he composed 18 songs about this Sthalam.He also calls Muruga Peruman as Vayalura in many songs of Thiruppugazh.பக்கரை  விசித்ரமணி , தாமரையின் மொட்டு, தினந்தோறும் தீபாரதனையின்  போது  பாடப்படும் நாத விந்து கலாதி  மற்றும் என்னால் பிறக்கவும் போன்ற பாடல்கள் திருப்புகழ் ரசிகர்களால் மிகவும் விரும்பி பாடப்படும் பாடல்களாகும். He gives dharshan as a renounced boy in Palani (ஆண்டிக்கோலம்)where as here  he worships his parents Agneeswarar &        Aadhinayagi as  a married person with Valli & Deivanai.He has also created  a sacred tank by his spear in this place.Variyar Swamigal has renovated this temple 3 times in his life time.Like his Guru Saint Arunagiri, he used to worship & don't forget to mention vayalur Murugan  before starting a discourse . Vaikasi visakam,Thai poosam,kandhar shasti & Panguni Uthiram are celebrated in a grand manner by the devotees. A number of stone inscription of  Tamil  Rulers are available including that of Rajaraja Chola.Let us see some of his  Vayalur Thiruppugazh songs with its meaning in my next posting.


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