Worshiping Goddess on a full moon day

In Full moon  days people residing at Chennai area  used to visit Three Goddesses temple .In the morning they go to  Melur Thiruvudai amman sameda Thirumanangeeswarar temple near by Minjur in Chennai - Ponneri railway route.This is called Itcha Sakthi who gives the will power to start a work desired by an individual.Worshipping in a full moon day that falls on fridays is very auspicious.It is said that people found one cow showering it's milk in a shrub.When they cleared  the shrub,they found a Siva Linga(Swayambu). A temple was built around it.As the place was surrounded by  a forest & felt pleasant smell always,Siva is called Thirumanangeeswarar & his consort as Thiruvudai amman.In  the afternoon  they visit Vadivudai amman temple at Thiruvotriyur.Goddess here  is worshipped as Gnana Sakthi.God is called Thiagarajar.Sundara moorthy nayanar,Saint  Adi Shankara,Vallalar,Pattinathar & Great music composer Sri.Thiagaraja have visited  this temple & praised God & Goddess here.kalia nayanar was born in this  place & attained salvation here.Worshipping  on Fridays here is considered very auspicious.You can always find long que during fridays (Sukravara  sevai).Shiva is called Aadhipureeswarar Swambu linga with bana only & without peeta.It is enclosed in a metallic cover & Opened only during third  monday(somavaram) on  Karthigai Tamil month.Only "punugu" is anointed over Sivalinga.This is kept opened for three days continuously.It is  very tall & huge  in size.You can feel the divine atmosphere when you enter the sanctum.After worshipping here devotees  reach Thirumullaivayil Masisilamani Nadhar temple in the evening.Here Goddess is called "kodiyidai Amman,Kriya Sakthi.Goddess helps  to  obtain   the desired thing  of the devotee.Here it is said that  two demons used to torture saints & people.This was informed to the King Thondaman who ruled then.He came with his army & tried to  capture the demons but in vain.While returning,his  elephant 's leg caught in the bush.The king tried to remove the bush by cutting with his sword.He found  ,blood pouring near the bush which he had cut.He got  down & lifted some plants in the bush,he found  siva linga with  a cut  & bleeding.He immediately tried to cut his neck with his sword as he has committed a great sin by wounding Lord Siva.Immediately he heard a sound form the sky asking the king not to worry & he will shine as a bright gem called Masila mani.Shiva immediately called Nadhiheswarar to help the king to destroy the demons.Nandhigeswarar went with the king & destroyed the demons.So here Nandhigeswarar is looking in the opposite direction.Here special poojas are performed to Nandhigeswarar during Krithigai,full moon day ,new moon day & pradosham.Devotees after worshiping Nandhigeswarar ,wore the garland offered to Him except those  4  special days.This would remove  putra dosham & also solve the delayed marriage problem.

 Above photos shows Vadivudai amman temple Thiruvotriyur.Middle photos shows Kodiyidai amman temple Thirumullai vayil near Avadi-ambattur.Bottom  photo shows Thiruvudai amman near Minjur.Top & middle photos from Dinamalar.com.& bottom one from  Indian heritage.Thanks to both of them.You  can worship any Amman temple  on full moon days.If possible  select  a temple with Sri Chakra prathishta.After the full moon day, in the next day Chandi homam is conducted.Attend this one.All your obstacles will  be removed by the divine grace of Goddess.


  1. In full moon day how to do pooja, what mantras we have to say?

  2. If you have learnt Sanskrit,you can recite mantras .Lalitha Sahasranamam & Abirami Anmdhadhi are ideal.You can listen to audio cassettes.You can look for books authored by Sri."Anna" from Ramakrishnana mutt,Mylapore - Chennai .Sanskrit - Tamil translation are available.For Abirami Andhadhi go for Sri.K.V.Jagannadhan (popularly called as Ki.Va & editor of famous "Kalaimagal" book.Your mere presence in Goddess Sannidhi (If Sri Chakra is available,is more ideal) would bring Mother Lalithambigai's grace.You can also perform Thiru vilakku poojai in your home on Fridays.Goddess Saraswathi,Mahalaxmi & Parvathi are in the form of Thiru vilakku.If you are in Tamilnadu,You can attend "Andhar yoga Programme" in selected cities by Tirupparaithurai Tapovan mutt(Founded by Swami Chitbavananda - famous author of Bhahavat geeta )Duration from 10 am to 4.30 pm.It is free.They charge very minimum fees for lunch.With few programmes,you can gain confidence.

  3. I am in Singapore. Thank you for your reply. Big fan of ur daughter's rak kitchen. Entire family doing a great work.

    1. Thank you Shankar Saranya.Only N R I s are following our culture sincerely.Where ever they settle they build temples & celebrate our festivals in a grand manner.All there are united.very glad to know that you are a fan of my daughter.Hope you have met there.I am posting few mantras of Goddess as you have requested.If you follow Sri.Ramakrishna mutt books,you could learn more about our religion.Kindly always give us the feed back.


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